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July 30, 2019

It will likely be your last big bash of the summer, so don’t let Labor Day catch you off guard. Sully’s has all the tools and equipment you need to make this your biggest season-ending party ever.

The most common choice for a Labor Day celebration is a cook-out, so be sure your grill is up to the task. You’ve probably been grilling out all summer, so check your propane tank and connections to be sure your grill is safe and ready to go.

Are you anticipating a big crowd? If your grill is looking a little too small, consider a larger grill option that provides more grill space for those burgers and chicken breasts. Sully’s has 2’ x 5’ propane or charcoal grills available for rent, as well as food carriers that make serving easier. Consider also options for propane burners, steamers and deep fryers to provide your guests with some different food options.

You only get one chance to throw a memorable Labor Day party, so don’t risk your guests being uncomfortable. Sully’s large party tents protect your guests from hot sun or rain, assuring that the festivities can continue even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Seating is never a problem when you rely on Sully’s—check out options for rectangle or round tables and chairs enough for everyone.

Even for those smaller gatherings, Sully’s can make it easy to entertain. Find what you need, from concession machines to games to unique lighting. Make it fun and relaxing with help from Sully’s Party Rental.

June 14, 2019

Summer tends to be prime time for tackling home improvement projects that have been put off throughout the year. Warm, sunny days and some vacation time may provide opportunity and motivation. Obviously warmer weather is best for outdoor projects, but even indoor projects seem to get more attention as the weather warms.

Among the top home improvement projects pursued as Ohio enters the summer months are exterior painting and kitchen remodeling, and there are good reasons for this.

Exterior painting

Painting your house is a big project, but mild summer weather and the long stretches of daylight make it more manageable and more pleasant. Tackle it yourself rather than hiring a professional and you can save a lot of money.

Kitchen remodeling

It may be interior work, but the dust that is stirred up from demolition and construction is much easier ventilated when you can open windows. Consider also how often you grill out in the summer. A kitchen under construction is not as inconvenient when you can use your grill for family meals.

At Sully’s, we aim to make these projects possible by offering rental of most of the tools you may need. For house painting, we carry pressure washers, paint sprayers, ladders and a full range of scaffolding supplies to help you safely access those hard-to-reach places. Work like a pro at a fraction of the cost.

Your kitchen remodel may be a few small changes or a complete rebuild of cabinets and storage, but having the right tools will make any project easier. At Sully’s you can find saws, drills, hardwood floor sanders and palm sanders, and floor tile removers. Remove wallpaper with a steamer or cut tile with a diamond blade tile saw. We have you covered no matter how extensive your remodel

Completing any summer project is easier with tools rented from Sully’s Tool Rental. Call today.

May 28, 2019

Environmental responsibility – it’s become prominent in nearly everything we do. Entertaining even a medium sized group, however, can create a surprising amount of trash.

From small to large groups, whether your event is family and friends or a more organized or formal gathering, as the host you want to keep things simple and within budget. Choosing disposable items can be inexpensive and can typically mean more time with guests and less time with prep and clean up.

At Sully’s, our goal is to provide rental options that allow you to enjoy your event, stay on budget and reduce some of that waste. By renting party essentials and décor items, you pay for only what you need—the one-day use of many of the things that will otherwise fill trash bags.

Consider the following options instead of paper or foam plates, plastic utensils, plastic tablecloths, plastic or foam cups, disposable serving trays, and disposable centerpieces:

  • Choose from an array of plates, bowls and fine china in styles that fit any party.

  • We offer a full range of serving platters and bowls, as well as buffet service that makes it easy to feed a large group.

  • Flatware in full place settings as well as knives and serving pieces are available to match casual to formal service

  • We can provide both based and stemmed glassware as well as bar service.

  • Choose linen napkins and tablecloths to complete your party—we do the laundry!

  • Centerpieces are available to fit any theme, including vases and candles.

Boost your sustainable effort even more by considering digital invitations and choosing a caterer that uses locally sourced foods.

At Sully’s, we are pleased to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Call us today for all your party needs.

April 17, 2019

Growing your own fresh vegetables is both rewarding and a healthy decision for your family. It does involve some work, however, and having the right tools can make this work a little quicker and easier.

If you grow flowers in your yard, you already know that certain basic tools are a must, and you probably keep them handy throughout the summer. You’ll need them for your vegetable garden too. These include:

  • Shovel, preferable a sturdy one with a gripping handle on the end for turning soil over and digging substantial holes for larger plants.

  • Hand Trowel for planting small plants, creating seed trenches and getting into tight spaces that need digging.

  • Hoe with a long handle to break up soil between rows, keep soil loose around plants, and save your back.

  • Pruning Shears, preferably kept sharp for trimming both small and woody branches and keeping flowering bushes and vegetable plants under control.

  • Weed Wacker to keep edges and walkways neat and weeds out of your gardens.

No matter how diligent you are with your gardens, weeds will be an issue, and in a vegetable garden it is crucial to keep them at bay if you are to get the best harvest possible. Anticipate spending time pulling weeds. For the stubborn ones, consider a notched cobra head tool to get under the weed and pull the root.

Building a garden

For vegetables or flowers, building a new garden takes some planning and some additional tools. You will want to first identify a location for your garden and determine a size. For vegetables, the amount of sunlight and the quality of soil are critical for maximizing your harvest. Remove grass from the area or use a weed wacker to trim it as short as possible, then turn it over with a shovel or tiller.

Be sure to get a sturdy wheelbarrow to haul additional soil and compost to fortify your garden and till these additives into the soil to create the perfect soil composition for your garden plans.

At Sully’s Tool Rental, we have what you need to create a garden you can be proud of. For the largest of gardens, we rent 5 and 8 horsepower tillers to work the soil. Sturdy weed eaters also are available for rent to clear your garden area or get an overgrown garden back in shape.

Check us out today for all the tools you need to be a successful gardener.

April 11, 2019

Cinco de Mayo—the Fifth of May—is celebrated by many as an annual tribute to Mexican heritage and pride. Your celebration can be as detailed and unique as you like, or it can simply be a reason to gather, eat and dance.

But why make it basic? There are many interesting ideas for making your Cinco de Mayo just a little more special and a little less stressful. From food and beverages to decorations and music, get some help from your friends to put together the perfect fiesta.

Make it a potluck

Planning and executing a Mexican menu can be a big job for the host, so get your guests involved. Plan an extensive taco bar and ask guests to bring the parts. Include many varieties of meets and toppings, choices for hard and soft shells and wraps, and many options for salsa, guacamole and bean dip. Recipes abound for these items, so let your guests be creative.

If your preference is for a variety of foods, assign your guests dishes in categories, such as appetizer, salad, main dish and dessert, with directions that they stick with a Mexican theme. With so many variations on authentic Mexican dishes you are sure to get a variety that will suit all tastes.

For the perfect Mexican beverage bonanza, plan a margarita tasting and ask guests to bring ingredients for their favorite flavor of margarita. Don’t forget the frozen variety, an easy option with a frozen margarita machine rented from Sully’s!

Make it a costume party

Keep decorations at a minimum and let your guests provide the color by planning a costume party. Your guests’ unique array of Mexican dress will brighten up any venue and provide opportunity for discussion, comparison and even a contest.

Make it about music and dancing

Hire a mariachi band to roam your party and entertain guests with authentic salsa and Latin tunes. You might also consider hiring a dance instructor to provide mini lessons in salsa, samba, rumba and other traditional Mexican dances. Lessons could be followed by a dance contest to keep your guests on top of their steps.

Dance floors and sound equipment are available for rental from Sully’s.

Make it easy

Are you planning a fiesta for Cinco de Mayo? There are a lot of details that go into making it an authentic celebration of Mexican heritage, so focus on those details and rely on Sully’s Party Rental for those all-important party supplies.

Whatever your plan, venue or number of guests, Sully’s has tables, chairs, table and beverage service, serving pieces, tents and lighting, heating and sound equipment to make your set up easy and your party perfect. Call today for details and pricing.

March 5, 2019

The Kubota SSV65 Skid Steer is the newest item available to rent at Sully’s Tool Rental. Why is this significant? Because while a skid steer can solve a variety of problems when dealing with challenging terrain, the Kubota SSV65 has features that go beyond.

If you work in construction, whether in business or as a DIYer, you know that a skid steer is an extremely versatile piece of construction equipment. The design of this piece allows you to both dig and lift in tight places, especially useful in residential areas or tight commercial areas. They also adapt well, with numerous attachments that can make your unit a snow blower, grader, tree puller and more. Whether you are planning excavation of a lot or you are knocking down and removing an old storage shed, a skid steer can handle the job.

Large and medium sized skid steers are ideal when a job needs a large backhoe, but such a unit will not fit in the space or when large diggers will do damage to the surrounding area. The Kubota SSV65 skid steer is a small unit and perfectly designed for small site development, landscaping, and patio and sidewalk grading.

Our new unit is heated and air conditioned, so it is comfortable in all weather conditions. It also features sliding front doors that allow entry and exit from the unit no matter the position of the loader, which is ideal for tight spaces. Additional features include side lighting and multifunction handles for high-flow machines.

Because the Kubota SSV65 is low profile and lightweight, it is appropriate for indoor projects as well.

At Sully’s, we have a variety of options suitable for your construction project. We understand that choosing the right skid steer is crucial. Consider the following and talk to one of our professionals:

  • The size of the space in which you must work

  • Whether portions of the area are paved, planted or developed

  • What materials will be loaded, moved or dumped and how far they will be hauled

  • Whether you will need to perform multiple tasks, such as hauling, grading or drilling

Whether you need a large, medium or small skid steer, rental is frequently the best option when projects are limited and for the DIYer. Skid steers are relatively easy to operate and at Sully’s we also have various accessories available for rent.

Call Sully’s Tool Rental today for more information about our new Kubota SSV65 skid steer or about our many choices in construction equipment and tools available for rent.

February 28, 2019

The perfect graduation party is the one that conveys your graduate’s personality and provides maximum fun. There are many venues you could choose, from church halls to party centers, but the at-home backyard party is often the most conducive to the kind of relaxing celebration you seek.

Worried about the details involved in hosting the perfect party? A check list is all you need to go beyond the must-haves and host a party to be remembered.

  • Pick a date and a theme and stick to it. Understand that every senior in your child’s class is planning a party, so focus on your own priorities and don’t worry about theirs.

  • Decide on size and numbers that are realistic for your yard or whatever section of your home will be the entertainment space.

  • Get the invitations out. Use pictures, make it special and give your guests time to get it on their calendars and post it on their kitchen corkboards.

  • Establish a menu that fits your theme and the experience you want for your guests. Be sure to consider snacks, appetizers, main course, desserts or cake, and beverages, including bar service. Full or partial catering may be the way to make your party manageable.

  • Decide what you will need to rent to accommodate your plan, including tents, tables, chairs, table service, buffet service, heating and lighting.

  • Don’t forget to record the memories! Designate a trusted friend or family member to get pictures or hire a photographer.

Once you get through your must-haves check list, you will be able to take a look at some extras that can boost the party experience. Go elegant and green with color matched linen table cloths from your party rental service. They can also provide a variety of matching decorations that mean less work for you.

Finalize your menu to include some servers, full bar service and a concession machine or two. Choose beverage dispensers rather than cans and bottles for less trash and a classy touch.

Make your party special with display tools, table runners and lighting that celebrate your graduate and highlight his or her accomplishments. At Sully’s Party rental, we have everything you need to put the finishing touch on your graduation party and remove the stress from hosting at home.

Call today for details about our graduation packages that provide one stop shopping for the perfect party.

January 21, 2019

Whether it’s a party or a project, unexpected cold or snow can cause some problems with your plans. Your chosen venue may be too cold if temperatures drop. A simple grading project may become more complicated because of freezing, roots, debris or standing water. Suddenly you need equipment you do not have on hand.

Sully’s Tool and Party Rental does, with tools for a wide variety of jobs, projects and unexpected situations.

For the venue not equipped to handle unusually cold temperatures, Sully’s has heaters to warm up both large and small spaces. Need a generator to run your heater, or to handle that unexpected power outage? We have several available for rent.

Winter weather than make any grading or digging project a challenge. Sully’s rents backhoes that can handle the job and keep your project on schedule.

For any event or project that involves hauling, keep Sully’s in mind to lighten the load. We rent dollies, including a stair climbing dolly, that will help with set-up or tear-down of events, as well as the moving and loading associated with any project or job.

Having the right equipment and tools can make a difference in the success of any job or event. Call Sully’s today for all your tool rental needs.

January 8, 2019

Wedding planning season kicks into high gear after the holidays. In addition to bridal gown, tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses and gifts, and flowers, there is venue, catering, music, and bar service. With so many decisions to make, wouldn’t it be great if multiple items could be checked off your list with just one stop?

Weddings today are as unique as the couples planning them. Venues range from backyards to beaches. Themes range from casual parties to upscale events.

At Sully’s Party Rental, it’s possible to create a wedding that is uniquely yours, with a wide variety of rental options. We have it all, from tents to dance floors, china to bar supplies.

For outdoor venues, we offer both pole and frame tents. No worries if your location is a grassy knoll. Our pole tents anchor securely, and we can provide a dance floor large enough for all your guests. Lighting and side curtains can create the perfect ambiance for your special day.

Whether your reception is under a tent or planned for a gym or hall, tables, chairs and linens are crucial to the atmosphere. Our professionals can help with numbers, style of tables and set-up so that you make the most of your space. Whether you choose long tables or round tables, we can provide linens, china and stemware that will complete the look to perfection. At Sully’s you also can rent serving supplies, coffee service, fountains and punch bowls.

We also take the worry out of the weather forecast by offering heaters and generators for rent.

Wedding planning has never been easier. Look for us at the Today’s Bride Akron Bridal Show on January 13 at the John S. Knight Center. We can provide you full details on how one-stop planning at Sully’s can give your wedding the personal touch you are looking for.

April 11, 2018

Need some assistance moving large equipment, furniture, or appliances without the backache? Sully’s has the right piece of equipment to do the job.

The LTA6512E Stair Climber is the most popular preferred aluminum model of the Lectro-Trucks for moving commercial loads with a 1500 lb. lift capacity. It features a built-in steel tripod for maximum leverage and a built-in leverage bar.

A Stair Climber does 100% of the lifting, essentially eliminating risk of back injury while reducing the effort to move substantial, awkward loads. It safely powers products up & down stairs, in & out of buildings, and on & off delivery vehicles. Stair Climbers are used to safely move items like hot water tanks, furnaces, major appliances, office furniture, plumbing & heating supplies, restaurant equipment, vending machines, safes and much more.


  • 1500 lb. capacity
  • 68″ tall x 19″ deep
  • 24″ or 30″ wide (depending on your toeplate choice)
  • 41″ Lift Capacity
  • Unit weight 168 lbs.