June 1, 2022

For the biggest lawn jobs, a zero-turn mower can save any homeowner or landscaper a lot of time and provide an excellent cut. Our 52” zero-turn lawn mower provides efficient service for any residential or commercial setting.

Large zero-turn mowers cover significantly more ground in a short time over a standard mower. With 52 inches of width and the engine located in the back, the operator has an open view of the lawn to complete the job. Our riding mower has steering bars that make it easy to complete a 180-degree turn in tight spaces, including maneuvering around trees, flower gardens, and other obstacles without having to back up.

Contact Sully’s today to rent our zero-turn mower, or for those small jobs, ask us about our standard 20” push mower.

June 1, 2022

The summer heat has arrived, and just around the corner is one of the biggest celebrations of the season—July Fourth. This summer is trending back to the kinds of events we consider tradition – big backyard barbecues that include plenty of festive food, beverages, and games, along with sunshine and heat.

Sully’s Rental is here to ensure you have everything you need to outfit a Fourth of July party that is memorable and keeps your guests entertained and cool. Forecasts call for a heat wave, so start with the essentials.

  • Tents, tables and chairs – Sully’s has a variety of sizes and styles along with set up instructions so you can provide a place for guests to grab some shade and a place to sit, eat, and mingle.
  • Fans and cool air movers – Our floor or pedestal fans can keep air moving for your guests, or choose our three-speed cool air mover, which will cool the air in your tent by as much as 25 degrees.
  • Decorations – Don’t forget red, white and blue linens and string lights to create the celebratory atmosphere fitting for July Fourth.

Cold beverages are crucial for your celebration, so keep those cans and bottles on ice and offer a bit more with help from Sully’s

  • Hammered beverage tub – Go beyond the cooler with our stainless steel beverage tub, big enough to hold soda, water, and beer.
  • Beverage dispenser – Perfect for raspberry lemonade, iced tea, or citrus infused water.
  • Frozen margarita machine – For the ultimate adult beverage that keeps everyone cool on a hot day, this machine is fun and easy to operate.

Rely on Sully’s for everything you need for beverage service, including glassware and punch bowls, or full bar service for the biggest crowds.

Keeping it fun for the kids – and the kid in all of us

No Fourth of July celebration is complete without games and concessions to enjoy before the evening fireworks. From sidewalk chalk art for the young ones to spitting watermelon seeds and water balloon contests for every age group, this year’s Independence Day festivities are expected to include it all. Get traditional games and whimsical concessions from Sully’s.


  • Corn Hole
  • Bocce Ball
  • Giant Jenga
  • Connect Four


  • Sno-Kone Machine
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Hot Dog Warmers

Plan all your upcoming cookouts, picnics, and summer celebrations with Sully’s Rental. Call today for options and pricing for all our party supplies.

May 1, 2022

Smooth out or level a bumpy or uneven yard, smooth fresh topsoil, and press in seeds for a new lawn to improve germination—these tasks are made easier with a lawn roller from Sully’s. Our 24-inch lawn roller is a push or pull style that is compatible with a garden tractor, and at 300 pounds, is the ideal weight for most yard projects, according to lawn professionals. This unit also improves the appearance of established lawns and is ideal for setting in sod.

For tougher jobs, more uneven terrain, and expansive areas, Sully’s ride-on roller (also used for asphalt rolling) is an excellent option. This 35-inch, 1.5-ton roller has multiple applications, from leveling deep irregularities in terrain to preparing construction sites and leveling roads for paving. Contact Sully’s today to rent our push/pull lawn roller or our ride-on asphalt roller.

May 1, 2022

Warming weather means it’s time to get your lawn and gardens ready for a summer of lush growth and beauty. Whether you are sprucing up, replanting, or starting from scratch, Sully’s has the lawn and garden equipment you need to get professional results.

Spring lawn care

The early part of the season is your opportunity to ensure a healthy, thick lawn by determining what your grass needs now for healthy growth. During your first mow, if you are noticing heavy thatch and thin spots where grass is struggling to grow, take care of these before grabbing your spreader to apply your spring fertilizer. Use a thatching machine to remove the buildup that can smother your grass and encourage diseases. If the soil seems compacted, you may also consider aerating before overseeding and fertilizing to fill in thin spots and encourage thick growth. Aerating allows water, air and nutrients to better reach the roots.

For a perfectly manicured lawn, follow up mowing with a lawn edger to create a clean edge along driveways, sidewalks, and patios. You may also consider a lawn roller to smooth out areas of your lawn that have become uneven due to snow melt and standing water.

Sully’s has what you need to finish all these tasks:

  • Thatchers
  • Aerators
  • Overseeders
  • Lawn Rollers
  • Mowers
  • Push Spreaders
  • Lawn Edgers


Flower and vegetable garden prep

Whether you are cleaning and preparing existing beds for spring growth or you are building new flower or vegetable gardens, get the job done efficiently with tools from Sully’s. Your existing beds may simply need to be cleared of leaves to make way for those sprouting perennials. After raking or blowing out debris, freshen garden edges with a bedmaster or bedscaper to create manicured edges and smooth curves that keep grass from encroaching.

For new gardens, be sure to use a tiller to break up dirt and clumps and to work in nutrient-rich additives, compost and sweet peat to create the best soil combination for whatever you are planting. If your new bed will be in a grass-covered area of your yard, you will want to use a sod cutter first to remove the grass. Consider using the sod pieces in other areas of your yard that need grass. If the grass is not too thick you may be able to use a weed trimmer to cut it short before turning over with a tiller.

For new gardens, don’t skimp on adding quality soil to give plants, shrubs and vegetables a good start and a healthy environment in which to grow. A wheelbarrow or dump trailer can be helpful for moving large amounts of new soil to your garden area. Clean up those edges and discourage weed and grass encroachment by using a bedmaster for a defined edge.

Sully’s has the tools you need to build and prepare your garden:

  • Bedmaster
  • Tiller
  • Dump Trailer
  • Sod Cutter
  • Weed Trimmer
  • Leaf Blower

At Sully’s Rental, we have everything you need to get busy creating a lawn and garden you can be proud of. Contact us today to rent all your lawn and garden tools and equipment.

April 1, 2022

A primary reason for an unhealthy lawn is because water and fertilizer you are feeding it are unable to reach the roots of your grass. Aerating overcomes this problem by punching small holes through the thatch and into the soil, thereby creating an avenue for air, water, and nutrients to circulate. Even if your lawn looks reasonably healthy, it will benefit from occasional aeration, especially if it has been compacted by construction equipment or it is a sod lawn with layered soil beneath. Aeration also is recommended any time you are overseeding.

Spring is the best time to aerate your lawn, and Sully’s aerators provide solutions for small lawns or expansive yards. For small jobs, the walk behind Lawnaire V is a 28-inch gas operated unit that is easy to transport and use. For larger jobs, consider our 48-inch pull behind aerator or our 30-inch ride on aerator. Both provide an efficient means of reducing compaction to maximize root growth for a healthy, thick, green lawn.

Contact Sully’s today for details on renting an aerator this spring.

April 1, 2022

Easter and spring in Northeast Ohio bring an enthusiasm for all things fresh and colorful. Trends this year are expected to be all that and more, with beautiful florals and elegant dinner arrangements taking center stage. Sully’s Party Rental has everything you need to create that fresh, spring feeling you want for your Easter table, complete with elegant china, place settings and stemware for any size crowd.

Start with round or rectangular tables covered in an array of pastel table linens. Use a different pastel shade for each table or layer tablecloths, table runners, and napkins to create a rainbow of spring color on each table. Sully’s has a variety of choices in table shapes and sizes and a full range of colors available in our collection of linens.

Add beauty and fragrance with centerpieces bursting with spring blooms. Choose tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and lilies for a riot of color on each table and choose from our collection of large or small vases. Add flare with fresh green vines to complement your pastel table runners.

Complete your table with our elegant china patterns that are understated enough to let your color choices shine. Incorporate plates edged in silver or gold with bright hued napkins to create a pop of color.

Stemware is always an elegant addition to any dinner table. Sully’s options for glassware include both stemmed and stemless, or consider our pink water goblet to bring that spring feeling into your place settings.

For a small family gathering or a large outdoor Easter dinner, Sully’s provides you the option of an elegantly laid table in your dining room or a beautifully decorated yard filled with inviting tables laden with spring blooms and sparkling place settings.

Call Sully’s today for details on tent, table, and chair rentals as well as options for coordinating linens and the convenience of china, place settings and glassware. Our rental options allow you to plan and enjoy your Easter celebration without the hassle of borrowing chairs and the frustration of mismatched table settings.

March 1, 2022

Advanced planning and beginning work in early spring on new flower and vegetable gardens are the key ways to maximize prime growing season in Northeast Ohio. Once you have mapped out the size and location of your new garden, rent your tiller from Sully’s to ensure your bed is ready for planting.

Tilling soil loosens hard ground and breaks up clumps of soil that would inhibit seed and root growth. The process of tilling creates soft, loose soil that is healthier for new plants both for weed prevention and water penetration. It also makes it easier to free up and remove rocks and debris that can interfere with planting and growth.

Sully’s tillers are available for any size job. Mid tine tillers are 5 hp with a tilling wide of 26.4 inches and rear tine tillers are 8 hp with a 20-inch tilling width. Our team of experts is on hand to help you choose the tiller that is right for your job. Call today.

March 1, 2022

Planning for celebrations from wedding receptions to graduation parties this spring and summer is focusing on a relaxing of pandemic mandates with an eye for continued caution. Make sure you are ready for anything with Sully’s Rental.

Trends for wedding receptions, rehearsals, Easter and spring parties, and graduation parties are moving toward bigger gatherings with colorful accessories and fun themes, while using settings and setups that provide space for guests to move and gather. Setting a festive atmosphere with places for guests to linger is a priority as we get back to celebrations with a feeling of normalcy.

For weddings, especially, planning seems to be moving away from the small, intimate parties of the last two years and toward large and even blowout bashes, with the benefit of open-air settings that still provide the safety of the outdoors and ventilation. These receptions may be formal affairs with elegant touches or whimsical, colorful events with guests going all out for their attire.

With Sully’s Rental, you can have everything you need, from the formal to the whimsical, for your 2022 celebrations.

  • Open air tents with optional windowed walls to protect guests from the elements, maintain ventilation, and provide the elegant atmosphere you desire.
  • Tent draping in a full range of color and textures that will transform your tent into a stunning party room or a themed venue.
  • Linens, china, glassware, and bar service for the ultimate celebration of spring, Easter, or your nuptials.
  • A wide selection of extras to complete your special event, including fountains, centerpieces, and concession machines.

Whether your next event is a formal party or a casual summer graduation celebration, Sully’s has a team on hand to help with the details, from those high school and college colors to dance floors and disco lights. Pole and frame tents are available in multiple sizes to accommodate even the largest gathering.

Is seating your concern? Use Sully’s tent size calculator and our party seating and table layout resources to maximize space and create the perfect setup for your guests to safely gather. Add a finishing touch with table skirting, chair scarves, or Chiavari chairs.

This year, nothing is more important than throwing the party of your dreams. Contact Sully’s Rental for all your party needs!

February 1, 2022

It’s been a long two years, but trade shows and networking events are back. Put your best foot forward with a pipe and drape system that organizes and beautifies your space.

Whether you need a backdrop, are dressing up a plain wall, or plan to set and organize an entire room, a pipe and drape system is a great solution. This series of vertical and horizontal piping is easy to assemble and is designed to stand as a secure frame. Attach fabric drapes to divide sections of a room, set up booths, create a textured backdrop, or enhance a color scheme.

A pipe and drape system is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to transform a room or an event. Assemblies from Sully’s Rental are available in heights of three, six, eight, and 12 feet and you rent only what you need.

Consider the following:

  • A variety of sizes means you can build trade show booths or cover entire walls.
  • High quality, wrinkle-free fabric means trade shows and business events look professional, while weddings and gatherings look elegant.
  • Professional guidance for planning and renting, as well as set up, and tear down, are always available.
  • Sully’s assemblies are appropriate for booths, registration tables, photo backdrops, and theater staging.

Networking events and trade shows have always played a big role in growth for both small and large companies. As we transition back to in-person events, Sully’s event specialists can help ensure yours is successful and memorable,

Useful tips for pipe and drape systems

  • Have a floor plan and measurements of your venue.
  • Allow 10 feet square for a standard trade show booth.
  • For wall coverage, full or partial, measure the height and width of the area you wish to cover.
  • A standard photo backdrop is 12 feet wide.
  • Our pipe and drape assemblies allow for layering of fabrics as well as tie-backs and swags to dress up your venue.

Contact Sully’s rental today for additional details about our pipe and drape assemblies and a full range of other supplies to make your event a success.

February 1, 2022

Refinished and polished concrete has become a popular choice for home flooring, especially in kitchens and 3- and 4-seasons rooms, because of its durability. It’s also a great DIY project if you have a concrete floor you have opened up during a kitchen renovation, but you will need the right equipment.

Sully’s Rental has exactly what you need to grind, shape, and retexture your concrete floors. Our EDCO 50200 concrete floor grinder can be used wet or dry and can be outfitted to use on green or cured concrete, to remove hardened deposits or coatings, to clean surfaces, or to groove or render a surface slip resistant. Grinding stones of various grades can remove stains or small imperfections and can smooth and polish rough finishes, with hi-carbide steel cutters, diamonds and scarifiers also available for whatever your concrete project demands.

Grinding and polishing is done in stages to get the best results. Ask our experts about renting the EDCO concrete floor grinder and accessories that best fit your project.

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