June 4, 2020

Warm weather usually means outdoor projects, including repairing water lines or running electrical connections for landscaping lights or hot tubs. Digging the needed trenches can be hard, hot work. Save your back and save time by renting a trencher from Sully’s Tool Rental.

Trenchers dig into even hard soil and cut through roots, easily creating a trench that is the right width and depth for your project. For small projects in narrow spaces or bigger projects, such as installing drainage pipes in your yard, the right trencher will make the job easier.

Sully’s Tool Rental offers a walk-behind model that trenches to a two-foot depth and can access smaller spaces. For larger projects, a trencher attachment for Sully’s mini skidsteer will trench to a three-foot depth and is available for rent, with specifications included for use with the skidsteer.

Contact us for more details on renting trenchers and skidsteers for excavating.

June 4, 2020

Safe celebrating this summer will be primarily outside. From graduation celebrations to birthday parties to Independence Day festivities, this will mean dealing with the summer heat that we all know is coming.

Sprinklers, water balloons and frozen desserts are all go-to solutions for those hot days, but Sully’s Party Rental has other great options for keeping your guests safe and cool during your upcoming outdoor celebrations.

No air conditioning? No problem!

Cool air movers can lower the ambient air temperature by 10 to 25 degrees depending on the size and design of the space. This means the tent in your backyard can provide more than shade for your guests. A cool air mover situated within the tent evaporates water and creates a breeze of cool air, making the whole area more comfortable.

Sully’s offers a three-speed unit that will cool an area up to 1,350 square feet. Get your tent and optional side panels from Sully’s as well and your party will be the coolest in the neighborhood.

Keep cold beverages handy

Cold water and other beverages are a must for a warm outdoor party but keeping them cold and accessible can be a challenge. This summer skip the hassle and concern of guests having to dig through coolers for their beverage of choice by displaying them on an ice table.

Sully’s 6-foot ice table provides three inches of depth and easy access so guests can quickly see what is available. Not only is this a safer way for your guests to serve themselves, it provides an attractive beverage display that you can easily replenish throughout the day.

As Ohio reopens and families look to celebrate high school and college graduations, weddings, and traditional summer holidays, turn to Sully’s for solutions that make these parties fun, safe and comfortable for everyone. Call today for details on rentals of all the supplies you need for your outdoor party.

April 7, 2020

It’s that special time of year for high school and college graduates. Time for family and friends to recognize and celebrate students’ achievements, college scholarships, career choices, the next big goal. Sully’s has ideas and everything you need to throw a graduation bash worthy of your high school or college graduate.

The summer is wide open for celebrating your graduate so go ahead and make your plans now for a party full of memories he or she deserves. For example, document your guests by having them sign in on a unique keepsake for your graduate: A soccer ball or baseball bat for the scholarship athlete, a globe for a world traveler, a computer bag for a business major, a stole for a seminarian, a lesson planner for a teacher.

For this big crowd, a tent, tables, and chairs are a must. Sully’s makes it extra special with graduation packages that fill your needs at a price that fits your budget.

Our canopy tents with chairs and either round or banquet tables let you create a backyard space that is festive for guests and protects from rain or hot sun. For a truly festive look, ask about our high peak canopy tents. Pick-up and drop-off your items for the best deal, but if you need your tent delivered, choose one of our packages that provide delivery to your venue along with set up and break down of your tent. We’ll even set up your tables and chairs for a small additional fee.

Looking for shelter over a driveway or patio? Our frame tents are an option in our graduation packages and can be erected anywhere. Accessories also are available, including linens and tent lights for an atmosphere that enhances any theme. Consider tent sides and portable heaters for that unexpected cool evening.

This is the year to let your graduate know how special he or she is. Add flair with decorative and fun additions, including sno-cone and popcorn machines, a nacho cheese dispenser, elegant pipe and drape backdrops, even ice tables and pig spits.

Crank up the music with a portable sound system and be sure to add a photo booth or a photo backdrop to document the day. Surprise your graduate with an Instagram hashtag just for the party and get the word out to your guests.

At Sully’s, we are looking forward to those summer months when graduates everywhere are celebrated and recognized. Contact us today for details on how we can help you plan your special day.

April 7, 2020

For expert trenching, edging and bed sculpting, a bed master is a must-have for anyone working in landscaping. At Sully’s Tool Rental, our Brown model F704 bed master is an 8 HP unit that will cut through up to 30 feet per minute.

Landscapers will tell you the advantage of a using a bed master is both its versatility and its maneuverability. These lightweight machines are easy to operate and steer on wide pneumatic tires that move smoothly over even sandy or soft soil. Sharp turns and curves allow the user to design beautifully edged flower beds and expertly accurate trenches.

Bed master also provides the control you need to trench or edge on slopes, keeping straight lines and consistent depth. Our Sully’s unit can trench to a depth of 4 inches, with a dog blade trench width of ½ inch and depth of 9 inches.

These units are ideal to cut natural landscape edges and trench for pipe, wires and sprinkler systems. Contact us today to learn more about renting a Brown bed master from Sully’s.

March 12, 2020

‘Tis the season for planning, and that means getting ahead of the rush for graduation parties and taking advantage of potential deals on off-season weddings. Tents, tables, chairs, and decorative items all may be on your list as you consider party needs.

Graduation parties are held throughout the summer, but the demand for rental items is significant in May and June. At Sully’s Party Rental, we offer special pricing for graduation packages that take the stress off planning for your gathering. Booking now means getting what you need, plus a few extras that can add flair and personality to your party.

Check us out for special pricing for pick-up and drop-off customers, with packages including a canopy tent, banquet or round tables, and folding chairs for your entire group. Packages also are available for delivery customers, which include set-up and break-down of your tent. For an additional fee, our team also will set up tables and chairs for you.

For added fun, check out our concession rentals, including a Sno-Kone machine, popcorn machine, pretzel warmer, and nacho cheese dispenser.

Considering an off-season wedding? Only about 5% of weddings take place during the winter months of January, February and March, so now is the time to talk to Sully’s team about packages for 2021 that can save you money. Demand for party supplies, including tables, chairs, linens, bar service, and dance floors, is far less during these off months, so adding extras, such as pipe and drape or party lighting may fit your budget if you plan ahead.

Much like our graduation packages, we may be able to provide special pricing for pick-up or delivery options, as well as set-up and break-down services for your wedding, wherever your venue. Additionally, if you hope to push the season with a semi-open setting, ask us about options for heaters that will keep your guests comfortable, as well as arch lattice and columns to add to the atmosphere.

Our specialists are always available to help you plan your event and discuss budget options. Call today to get your party planning started ahead of the rush.

March 12, 2020

When a ladder isn’t sufficient for the repairs or installations on your list, Sully’s Tool Rental has aerial lifts to handle even the most challenging reach. Our boom lifts provide reach up to a 60-foot working height, and our scissor lifts are available in working heights from 25 feet to 38 feet.

We recommend a thorough assessment of your project and the conditions in which you will be working before deciding on the aerial lift that is best suited to the job. Consider the following:

  • How high will you need to reach to complete the job?
  • Will you need to reach around obstacles?
  • Do you have a flat level surface on which to set your lift?

The boom lift is ideal for projects that require the ability to extend up, over and around obstacles, such as tree trimming. Also called a cherry picker, it operates as a basket on an arm, providing extended and higher reach, with a weight capacity to accommodate men and needed tools.

Scissor lifts provide platform space for jobs in fully accessible vertical areas. Much like scaffolding, a scissor lift is ideal for such jobs as siding installation, painting, and window cleaning.

Our Sully’s rental team is always available to help you choose the right equipment for your job. Call today to learn more about our aerial lifts available for rental.

February 11, 2020

Tents and temporary shelters can mean the difference for construction projects meeting deadlines during challenging weather conditions. Ask our expert staff about construction tents that protect your project, provide break areas for workers, or provide storage and warehousing of supplies at your site.

Our tents and shelters are available in various sizes, with height clearances that accommodate a wide range of construction projects. Our team works with you to determine your needs, including a tent style that can be installed safely on your site conditions, from grass to dirt to concrete.

Benefits of Sully’s Construction Tents

  • Accommodates small and large projects
  • Provides protection during inclement weather
  • May be safely heated or cooled
  • Erected on multiple surfaces
  • Designed for work, shelter or storage

Ask our professionals about tent options for your construction project, including open and protected options. Call today to secure your rental.

February 5, 2020

Looking for some simple, yet elegant decorations for a special event? Do you need to quickly transform an unsightly wall? Would guidance setting up a trade show help get your event up and running? You don’t have to spend a lot and our professionals are on hand to show you how.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a space is through a pipe and drape system. This system of vertical and horizontal piping fits together easily to create a standalone frame. Once assembled, you attach beautiful fabric drapes in various colors and textures to create a backdrop, cover walls, divide spaces and basically change the look and atmosphere of any room. From weddings to trade shows, pipe and drape provide temporary décor that is elegant, functional, and easy to set up and tear down.

Why Pipe & Drape?

Often our clients are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to complete a space for an event. A pipe and drape system is a great solution.

  • Appropriate for photo backdrops, theater staging, trade show booths, registration tables, room dividers, and more.

  • Use lower height poles to separate booths or higher poles to cover entire walls.

  • Rent by the linear foot so you only pay for what you need.

  • Arrange for set up and tear down by professionals or choose to do it yourself. It’s easy!

Rental made easy

At Sully’s Party Rental, our pipe and drape assemblies are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Choose from heights of three feet, six feet, eight feet, and 12 feet and from a variety of colors and fabrics. All fabric is high quality and wrinkle free.

Not sure how much you need? Simply measure the width of the walls you want to cover. You may also get a floor plan from your venue and measure off areas you intend to use, such as for a trade show. Our event specialists are always available to help you calculate what you will need for your event.

A few common measurements to keep in mind:

  • A basic photo backdrop is 12 feet wide.

  • A backdrop for a head table for 7 to 12 guests is 24 feet wide.

  • A standard trade show booth is 10 feet by 10 feet.

Pipe and drape systems also allow for some creativity for your event, with options for multiple colors and layered draping in the form of tied-back sections or swags. Ask our experts for details on how pipe and drape can improve the look and atmosphere of your event. Event specialists are available to plan and set up any event, from receptions to elaborate 100+ vendor shows.

Call Sully’s today for rental details.

January 8, 2020

If you have just become engaged, the sooner you start planning the better. Why? Because with so many details to set, having things the way you want with minimal stress is more likely if you start early.

Of course, take a minute to enjoy your new engagement. Share the news with family and friends, post pictures on social media, and then consider the following.

  • Set your budget – An exact figure is not necessary but establish a general budget that is realistic, so you have a starting point.

  • Start a guest list – Yes, this is just a draft, but like your budget, you need a starting point for number of guests.

  • Decide on a season for your wedding – If the time of year and the weather are important to you, make this decision early.

You now have the basics to move forward with choosing your date and your venue. If you are set on getting married during the most popular months – June and September are the big ones – you should do this quickly. Visit venues with a list of dates in mind so once you settle on your location you can book the date that is available.

Depending on the type of wedding and your venue, you may need to act quickly on some rental arrangements. For outdoor venues, for some barn or warehouse style venues, or if you are using a park or your yard for your reception, you may need to rent tents, tables and chairs, linens, and more. At Sully’s we can transform your backyard or park into a perfect reception venue.

  • Tents are available in pole and frame styles and allow for accessories such as sides and café lighting.

  • You will want to consider seating arrangements before deciding on round, rectangular or serpentine tables and appropriate chairs.

  • Linens, including a variety of tablecloths and chair covers, are available in many colors and textures that can enhance your décor.

  • Depending on your venue and catering arrangements, you may also need to choose table wear, including china, glass wear and utensils.

If you are looking for help in making decisions for your wedding, there are many wedding planning websites that can help with options for any budget. Many couples also are choosing to plan a celebration of their engagement with the special people in their lives at least in part as a practice run to their reception. A small party provides an opportunity to test out caterers, photography and videographers.

The team at Sully’s is ready to help you plan the perfect wedding, with rental options for tents, tables and chairs, linens, table wear, bar service, lighting, dance floors, and sound systems. Call for details on how we can help in planning your wedding, engagement party or both.

January 3, 2020

If you have plans to work outdoors or in an unheated garage or shop during the winter months, a quality torpedo heater can make all the difference. Sully’s has 50,000 to 80,000 BTU units as well as units up to 190,000 BTU to warm any size space for your projects.

An appropriately sized torpedo heater is the best way to keep unheated space comfortable. Both kerosene and propane units are safe to operate in garages, barns and workshops with minimal odor and limited moisture build-up. Units have a thermostat and run automatically to keep your space at a steady temperature.

Smaller units provide adequate heat in smaller spaces without the noise associated with larger units. We recommend larger units to provide more comfortable conditions for outdoor work.

Also available for garage and workshop applications are our 85,000 BTU tent heaters. Frequently used for outdoor gatherings to warm tents on cool nights, these units also can be attached to your natural gas line for use indoors.

Tips for using indoor portable heaters

  • Crack a window or door to provide ventilation when running your heater.

  • Aim your heater into open space and not directly at any object to avoid damage from overheating.

  • Consider using a fan to distribute heat more evenly.

  • Install a carbon monoxide detector in your garage or workspace for added safety.

Sully’s offers a wide variety of heaters for various applications, including outdoor gatherings. Ask us about how our tent heaters can be adapted for both outdoor gatherings and indoor activities, as well as options for patio heaters, cool air movers, and propane and kerosene heating units.

Call today to secure your rental.

Due to COVID 19 hours may be temporarily changed. Please call (330) 645-0555 for updated hours.