December 30, 2021

Congratulations on getting engaged this holiday season! The dreaming, the fun, and the work begins now, and Sully’s Party Rental is available to help with all your wedding planning details.

Considering the start of your life together is some of the best time you will spend with your chosen partner. Be sure to enjoy this time before diving into your wedding planning.

  • Call your family and friends to share your news.
  • Plan a small engagement celebration.
  • Show off your ring and be sure to get it insured.
  • Discuss your dream wedding with your fiancé and those closest to you.

Wedding planning tips

Actual planning of your wedding day will likely begin soon after your engagement, but take your time before locking in a date and vendors. Your early discussions should revolve around those traditions and elements that are “must-haves” so you can build details around them. It also is helpful to have an idea of the size of your guest list and budget so you don’t get your heart set on a venue that isn’t big enough or is outside of your budget limit.

Keep the following in mind as you begin your planning:

  • Pick a season that fits your dream first. Your venue, colors and decorations will all follow naturally from the season of the year you have chosen.
  • Create a venue checklist before you begin visiting potential locations. Your list of requirements for your venue will help eliminate unsuitable locations and guide your questions as you visit those locations that may fit your dream.
  • Lock in your date and venue before moving on to other potential vendors, including rental of tables, chairs, and glassware. Having a couple dates in mind within your chosen season will make it easier to book the venue you like best.

Your wedding planning team

With the many decisions you will need to make as you plan your wedding, the team you build will be crucial. Identify your go-to team members at your venue, catering company, photographer, and all vendors providing items to complete your day.

At Sully’s, our professionals are on-hand to help you with the perfect rental items as well as working with your venue to supply everything you need to create your dream wedding.

Choose Sully’s services for the following:

  • Small ceremonies set in a park or yard
  • Large weddings at outdoor venues
  • Traditional weddings in party centers or church halls

We can outfit any wedding celebration with beautiful tents draped and decorated, tables and chairs finished with table skirts and runners, as well as a full complement of linens, café lights, china and place settings, full bar service, a dance floor and music equipment, and seasonal specialties, including heat or air conditioning.

Contact Sully’s Rental early in your wedding planning process and add us to your team of planning professionals. We are ready to help you take your holiday engagement to the perfect wedding of your dreams.

December 30, 2021

For plowing Northeast Ohio’s driveways and small parking lots, a skidsteer from Sully’s Tool Rental is the choice of many for its maneuverability and traction. The design and short size of skidsteers make them extremely efficient turning in small spaces, with the ability to clear snow as quickly as a truck. An attachment plate also provides optimum pressure to scrape the pavement clean of hard packed snow and ice.

Our skidsteers have enclosed heated cabs and provide the power you need to push snow clear of your lot or the lift you need to remove snow for dumping elsewhere. Additional attachments include pushers, plow blades, buckets, and brooms.

Contact us today for more information about our skidsteers for snowplowing.

November 30, 2021

Indoor maintenance and remodeling projects can pose challenges with out-of-reach areas and tight spaces. A scissor lift can make a big difference in both ease and safety whether your project is in your home or a commercial venue. Sully’s smallest scissor lift is ideal for these indoor applications, reaching a working height of 25 feet but collapsing small enough to operate in smaller residential settings and tight commercial space.

From changing lights in a 12- to 14-foot commercial ceiling to painting a two-story residential foyer, a scissor lift provides a safe and stable platform that can hold one to two people and supplies for any project. Easily stock shelves or make ceiling repairs with equipment that also can access small spaces and fit into most construction elevators.

Scissor lifts available for rent from Sully’s range up to 38 feet in working height. Contact our team today for more information on features and rental options.

November 30, 2021

Whether your home is small, or you feel more comfortable bringing your family and friends together in open air, Sully’s has the answer for combating the cold. Holiday and winter parties in outdoor venues can be a great opportunity to enjoy what winter has to offer. Just keep the heat turned up.

Your open air setting

Many families continue to take care when planning both small and large gatherings through the holidays and the cold weather months. With the right heating unit, your options can range from a cleaned up and brightly lit garage to your backyard deck or gazebo. Wherever you gather, portable heaters will take the chill off and allow guests to gather in comfort.

  • Propane heaters – Sully’s has multiple types and sizes of propane heaters that provide clean-burning and reliable heat for any open air space, garage or detached barn setting. Our team can help you choose an appropriate style of heater for your space and let you know whether you need more than one.
  • Patio heaters – Radiant patio heaters are ideal for taking the chill off a deck or patio space. Sully’s patio heaters operate with propane tanks and provide a both reliable and attractive heat source for your outdoor space. We can advise you on your rental based on the size of your deck or patio.

Take your outdoor party one step further with a tent from Sully’s that will transform your backyard into the perfect venue. Tent heaters strategically positioned with partially lowered sidewalls can keep guests comfortable and allow you to incorporate the crisp and magical feel of a winter day and the ventilation many are seeking.

Contact Sully’s today for all your heating options and everything else you need for festive holiday and winter celebrations.

November 5, 2021

For hard-to-reach outdoor maintenance, including tree trimming and gutter cleaning, a boom lift can be a necessity. Boom lifts from Sully’s Tool Rental also are ideal for your holiday decorating projects, including those all-important Christmas lights.

Sully’s boom lifts are available in both drivable and tow-behind models with maximum working heights ranging from 43 feet to 60 feet. With reach extending up to 33 feet depending on the model, Sully’s boom lifts can make both residential and commercial projects manageable and safe. Models run on gas or electric with outriggers and basket lifting capacity of 500 lbs.

If you are completing tree pruning projects or planning your holiday decorating including hanging Christmas lights, contact Sully’s today to rent the boom lift that fits your project.

November 5, 2021

Larger holiday gatherings may be part of your plans for the next couple months. Do you have what you need to entertain a group? Even for smaller groups, many people don’t have enough seating or matching placesettings for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners.

Remove the stress from your planning by renting these items from Sully’s Party Rental. Whether you need a single table and 10 chairs, or enough china and flatware to serve 50, Sully’s has you covered. Elegant placesettings, a full set of glassware, and quality linens allow you to serve any size group with a festive and personalized celebration.

Most people need extra service and seating for parties or dinners only once or twice a year. Renting from Sully’s provides everything you need without the stress of shopping and the expense of purchasing these items. Options for china range from solid white to silver, gold, or banded pieces. Choose flatware in gold and silver, and glassware with and without stems. Tables may be round or rectangular, and linen options include tablecloths, napkins, and table runners in a full range of colors and styles.

Consider the advantages of renting from Sully’s for your holiday gatherings:

  • Reasonable rates for everything you need
  • Ready-to-use linens need no ironing
  • A wide variety of colors and styles in linens and china allow you to customize your party
  • Options available for every budget
  • Sully’s service makes setup and cleanup easy before and after your party

Beautiful linens and matching china, flatware, and glassware create the perfect holiday celebration whether you are entertaining family, friends, or colleagues. Contact Sully’s today for the service supplies you need for your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s gatherings.

October 11, 2021

Family gatherings, neighborhood parties, cook outs and clam bakes, and even business meetings may still present challenges as we attempt to keep friends, colleagues, and family safe, but Sully’s has solutions for all your Fall outdoor entertaining needs.

Cooler weather rarely keeps Northeast Ohioans inside and keeping groups outside continues to be the safest way to gather. Tents and accessories, tables and chairs, and a heat source are all you need to make any outdoor gathering or meeting possible.

Tents with many options

Small to large, for erection on grass or asphalt, Sully’s has a tent suitable for your needs, including the option of sides to keep out the weather.

  • For a backyard luncheon on a warm afternoon – an open pole tent provides the perfect atmosphere.
  • All day neighborhood clam bake – Our large frame tent fits the job, with sides ready to lower to block out the evening chill as the sun sets.
  • Arranging business meetings or outdoor classrooms – A frame tent in the appropriate size sets the site, with windowed sides to let in some light while blocking out distractions.
  • Evening dinner party with friends or family – Our tents can be outfitted with café lights to perfectly set the mood.

Short on seating? No worries!

Sully’s has tables and chairs to fit any occasion, from cozy round tables for lunch or dinner parties to rectangular tables to maximize space. Ask us about tablecloths and matching linens for special occasions.

Heaters for chilly evenings

Inside tents or sitting out on your deck or patio, our portable heaters provide the perfect amount of heat to keep party guests, meeting attendees, and students warm enough. Use our tips to get the right size heater for your tent or venue.

Plan ahead for accessories you will need

Sully’s has a wide range of add-ons and equipment you may need for any type of outdoor event.

  • Dance floor or staging area for presentations, live music, or dancing
  • Carpeting
  • Concession machines and accessories
  • Coffee service
  • Display equipment
  • Specialized lighting
  • Games
  • And much more

Whatever event you are planning this fall, our team is ready to help make it special. Contact Sully’s Rental today.

September 8, 2021

Take control of irrigation blow out season with a 185 cfm air compressor from Sully’s Tool Rental. These portable diesel-powered compressors provide 80 to 125 psi to handle residential, commercial, even golf course sprinkler systems.

Winterizing irrigation systems is crucial to protecting pipes from damage due to residual water that can remain in the pipes and freeze during cold weather. The 185 air compressor provides the flow rate needed to clear water from low points and voids within an irrigation system.

For landscapers winterizing multiple small and large irrigation systems, the 185 air compressor makes it easy to provide thorough and efficient service to every client. It also is a great choice for any job or construction site in which air-powered equipment is needed.

Contact Sully’s today for more information about renting the 185 air compressor.

September 8, 2021

At Sully’s Party Rental, our goal is to ensure you have exactly what you need for any event. For outdoor parties, weddings, festivals, and more, a tent is critical, but not every tent is right for every venue.

Our experts are always available to work with you when it comes to choosing a tent for your event. We supply frame tents and pole tents (also called canopies). How the space will be used, the amount of available space for the tent, and whether the surface is pavement or grass are all important considerations when choosing a tent.

Check out the following features and considerations and contact our team for guidance on your frame tent or pole tent.

Pole tents

Pole tents are great for short-term events such as parties, weddings, and festivals, because they are easy to set up and take down. Tension between stakes on the outside of the tent and center poles keeps them erect. Although the center poles can block views, they also can lend themselves to additional decoration with vines, drapes, or flowers. Because these tents must be staked, your venue must be grass with additional space for the ropes.

Pros and cons

  • Set up is relatively easy, but surface must be grass to allow staking of the tent
  • Available space must be larger than the tent itself to allow for stakes and ropes
  • Attractive exterior profile
  • Center poles may limit set up options for interior
  • Generally less expensive to rent


Frame tents

Frame tents are more versatile than pole tents because they do not require staking. The framework itself provides structure for the tent, so they can be erected on grass or pavement with concrete blocks to secure them, making the overall footprint only slightly larger than the tent itself. With no center poles, interior set up has no obstructions. However, setting up the tent is more difficult and involves more parts and some heavy lifting.

Pros and cons

  • May be used on any surface and where space is somewhat limited because of its frame and smaller footprint
  • No center poles to obstruct views or limit interior set up options
  • Visible interior pole structure can be covered with draping
  • Tend to be more expensive because of labor and parts needed for set up


Our frame and pole tents are available in multiple sizes and may be accessorized with sidewalls and lighting to provide the atmosphere you desire for your event. Call Sully’s today for information and guidance on the best tent for your event.



August 3, 2021

For construction jobs, demolitions, and maximum digging and lifting power, an excavator is a must. Sully’s Tool Rental has excavators and attachments designed to fit the specific needs of your project, from digging trenches to lifting and removing soil, rocks, and debris so your site is ready for building.

Our crawler style excavators feature rotating cabs, buckets, arm reach, and grading blades. Available in 7’, 10’ and 12’ 7” digging depths, you choose the size and features you need to tackle open demolition, digging, and grading as well as crowded or narrow spaces while minimizing ground damage. A hydraulic thumb attachment also is available to provide holding and moving power for debris that is inaccessible with the bucket.

Contact Sully’s today for more details about our excavators and skid steers for all your demolition, digging, and grading projects.

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