July 1, 2021

Those mid and late summer days are perfect for picnics, potlucks and block parties, and this summer these events are coming back, with churches, companies, organizations, and communities putting plans in motion for medium and large gatherings. Start planning yours now with Sully’s Party Rental.

Traditional church and company picnics are a great way to get to know people and make lifelong friends. An annual neighborhood block party is likely a highly anticipated event that brings together old and new residents of your street and introduces youth attending community schools. With Sully’s, you can make this year’s revival of your church, company or neighborhood picnic a memorable event enjoyed by all.

Get the essentials

Tents, tables and chairs are a must-have for your outdoor event. Sully’s has pole tents, frame tents, and canopy tents available in various sizes that will accommodate any crowd and keep your guests out of the hot sun and protected from potential rain. Accessories include window side walls and mesh side walls for added protection.

Don’t worry about enough seating when you work with Sully’s. Round and rectangular tables are available with chairs that will provide seating for all. We can work with you on floor plans too, so you can maximize the space under your tent.

Dress it up

Add a festive flair with table coverings and linens to match a theme or enhance a color scheme. With Sully’s wide variety of options, textures and colors, tablecloths are a simple way to create the atmosphere you want for your event.

Make it unique

Whether your picnic is a grill out, catered, or a potluck, you can make yours special with the addition of a few concessions. Sully’s has options that will please any crowd. Consider renting one or more of the following along with accessories that make them an easy addition.

  • Nacho cheese dispenser
  • Sno-Kone machine
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Pretzels
  • Hot dog warmer or roller
  • Frozen margaritas

Make the most of warm summer days and the opportunity to gather with old and new friends. If you are planning a church or company picnic or party, contact Sully’s Rental today to get everything you need.

July 1, 2021

For maintaining a roadway or parking lot or for work at a construction site, an asphalt roller provides efficiency on any project. Sully’s Tool Rental offers a 1.5 ton, 35-inch ride-on unit that is easy to steer and maneuver even in tight spaces.

Sometimes called a road roller or roller-compactor, this specially designed compact vehicle is suitable for compacting asphalt for roads or parking lots, but also a great choice for compacting soil, gravel and concrete. Whether you are prepping an area for road installation, foundations or other construction, or you simply need to pack a lot of soil into limited space, the road roller is up to the task and will make your job easier.

Sully’s asphalt roller available for rent features a roller-vibratory smooth drum, a 50-gallon water tank, and 35% gradeability. It is gas powered with a fuel tank capacity of 6 gallons. Call today!

June 3, 2021

Primary goals on any job site include working efficiently and reducing the risk of worker strain and/or injury. The concrete buggy, a relatively new piece of equipment in the market of hauling, accomplishes both.

Concrete buggies provide an ideal solution to the problem of hauling and dumping concrete and mud on a job site. Available in both wheeled and track configurations, they replace the need for wheel barrowing these heavy loads over significant distances and often over uneven terrain. They move more material in one trip, move it more quickly, and dump it with ease.

Sully’s wheeled concrete buggy features a 13 HP gas engine, 16 CF bucket size and payload of 2,500 lbs.

Also available is the rubber tracks concrete buggy, featuring a gas engine and a payload of 2,200 lbs. and 16 CF.

Keep the following advantages in mind as you consider which concrete buggy best fits your needs:

  • For large job sites that have mostly paved or firm, consistent surfaces, the wheeled concrete buggy provides excellent performance and efficiency at a lower rental price.
  • For job sites that consist of soft and/or wet conditions, uneven terrain, and remote areas, the rubber tracked concrete buggy will perform much better than the wheeled buggy.

Contact Sully’s today for details on how the concrete buggy can help increase speed and safety on your job site.

June 3, 2021

The casual backyard party is back in summer 2021. With entertainment and party protocols returning to a more normal feel, many families are already planning small and medium gatherings to celebrate graduations, postponed events, or just to celebrate. Make yours special with unique additions, such as concession equipment and yard games, available at Sully’s Rental.

Make it different

Backyard parties are usually casual affairs that feature grilled faire, potluck dishes, and beverages on ice. Bring a festive feel to yours with concessions that take your guests back to the neighborhood carnival or county fair they missed last year. From hot dog rollers to cotton candy machines to a frozen margarita dispenser, options fit every theme.

Concession equipment rentals include directions, with accessories available separately.

  • Nacho cheese dispenser
  • Sno-Kone machine
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Pretzels
  • Hot dog warmer or roller
  • Frozen margaritas

Add fun and games

There’s nothing better than yard games to bring a group together. With Sully’s, you can provide everything from whimsical fun to some friendly competition. Sign guests up for a Corn Hole or Horseshoes tournament or take turns tackling Giant Jenga.

Game rentals are perfect and portable for yard parties, picnic venues, and campgrounds.

  • Bocce ball
  • Corn hole
  • Giant Jenga
  • Connect 4
  • Horseshoes

Keep it easy

Whether your party, gathering or impromptu event includes a few neighbors, extended family, or a reunion of old friends, Sully’s is ready to help you keep stress low and fun high. Rent all the tables and chairs you need for your guests, add ambiance with some bistro lights, and take time to enjoy socializing this summer.

Contact the professionals at Sully’s for rental, pick-up, and drop-off details for everything you need to make your backyard party or summer event special. Call today!

May 4, 2021

From tear off to completed installation, roofing is made easier with the Equipter RB 4000. Available for immediate rental, this must-have tool dramatically speeds up any roofing project.

The Equipter RB 4000 features a 13-horsepower engine and a 12-foot lift, making it ideal for removing tons of roofing debris as well as lifting heavy tools and shingles up to the roof. RB 4000 also has a tight turning radius, even weight distribution, and a four-foot rollback feature, allowing you to navigate tight spots and position the container over landscaping and shrubbery. You reduce the risk of damage to flower beds and Equipter doesn’t leave ruts in your client’s lawn.

Your roofing jobs are completed quickly and efficiently with cleanup taking a fraction of the time. The Equipter container holds nearly 4,000 pounds and is simple to unload with a hydraulic tailgate.

Contact Sully’s Tool Rental today to learn more about renting Equipter RB 4000.

May 4, 2021

Sully’s Party and Tool Rental has positions available during this busy season of parties, yard work, and home improvement. For those planning outdoor graduation parties or holiday gatherings, for the DIY home improvement enthusiast, and for those building a business that needs special equipment, Sully’s Rental has a full array of supplies and equipment, and we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service to all our clients.


If you are looking for a rewarding job with a workday full of variety, contact Sully’s Rental. Our hard-working team of full-time, part-time and seasonal staffers makes all the difference when it comes to serving our clients.


We are looking for the following:


  • Seasonal tent installers – You help load and unload trucks and deliver and set equipment for our clients. Your day will start and end at our store, but you get to travel Northeast Ohio setting up special events for our clients.


  • Yard associate for Sully’s Tool Rental – If you like working with heavy equipment this is the job for you. You help load and unload equipment for our clients and give them instructions on how to use equipment. You also will help with basic service on equipment to make sure it is ready for the next client.


Contact Sully’s Rental today for more information about these immediate positions and join the Sully’s team today!

April 5, 2021

For spring landscaping projects, choose the Brown model F704 bed master to make quick work of edging and bed sculpting. This 8 HP unit from Sully’s Tool can edge or trench from 10 to 30 feet per minute, making this otherwise back-breaking job a breeze.

The Brown Bed Master is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making curves, slopes and tight spaces accessible and providing expert results even for the DIY landscaper. For straight lines, smooth curves and consistent trench depth, the machine is an ideal addition to your spring landscaping projects. This model will trench to a depth of 4 inches, or, with a dog blade attachment, will cut a trench ½ inch wide and 9 inches deep.

Whether you are completing a new flower bed or trenching for water lines or wiring, contact Sully’s for details on renting the Brown Bed Master.

April 1, 2021

As we move into graduation season, celebrating safely is among the top priorities for families of graduating high school and college students. Many families still have questions about party planning even as social activity begins to become more normal. Sully’s Party Rental has everything you need for a safe and enjoyable graduation celebration.

Plan your party at an outdoor venue

Whether it’s a nearby park or your backyard, outdoors is still the safest way to celebrate. You will need to consider protection from sun and rain as well as seating for guests to socialize safely. Sully’s has graduation packages that include tents, tables, and chairs for your small or large gathering.

Canopy tents are perfect for your park or backyard party, with festive high poles that create a roomy atmosphere that protects from hot sun. Tents in a full range of sizes are packaged with round or banquet style tables with enough chairs for your guests.

For shelter over a driveway or patio, frame tent packages provide the same options in sizes and table and chair configurations. Prices fit your budget and delivery is available for an additional fee or ask us about special pricing for pick-up orders.

Make it special

At Sully’s we have all the extras you need to customize your party to fit the personality of your graduate. From simple color schemes to a full theme, we have you covered with table linens, tent lights, games, and sound systems.

Consider the following additional rental items for your party:

  • Yard games, including Bocce, Connect 4, Giant Jenga, and Cornhole
  • Ice tables and coolers
  • Table linens and Kwik Covers in your school colors
  • Concession machines with supplies, including Sno-Cone, cotton candy, and popcorn machines
  • Nacho cheese and beverage dispensers
  • Portable sound systems
  • Tent lights
  • Disposable trash boxes

Our team is available to help with your planning, including seating and spacing, especially as we all strive to host safe and enjoyable celebrations. Call us today to get the details on our graduation packages.

March 15, 2021

Setting a mood, enhancing colors and settings, or simply adding a “wow” factor to an event is easy with draping and backdrops that are customized specifically to your gathering and purpose.

Sully’s Party Rental now offers tent draping and backdrops for rent, including a variety of colors and textures, lengths in varying heights, and full planning and installation services so that your event is expertly set with the mood and atmosphere you desire. Draping can create a stunning effect when packaged with lighting and sheer color draping, and custom backdrops create an elegance and focal point for a head table, guest of honor, or ceremony.

Package your choice of fabric in sheers, opaques, silks, and/or sheens with string lights, greenery, ties, and sashes in a full complement of colors, styles, and lengths to create your custom design.

Consider the following options available from Sully’s Party Rental:

  • Tent and ceiling draping – Enhance a theme, add elegance or intimacy to your event, or make your guests forget they are in a tent with draping swags that lower your tent ceiling and full liners that can completely hide the interior structure.
  • Backdrops – For your head table, staging for a band or a presentation, your buffet or drink section, and more, backdrops will bring the focal point of your event where you want it, enhance the atmosphere of your gathering, or simply “dress up” plain walls.
  • Ceremony draping – An arch, arbor or canopy out in the open or under cover and designed to be as simple or ornate as you choose, is the perfect addition to your wedding or any ceremony.

At Sully’s, we provide the items and services you need for events including fund raisers, trade shows, company parties, graduation parties, awards ceremonies, weddings, anniversary celebrations, and more.

Why add draping?

You can choose and create your look and feel for any event.

  • Soften edges or create custom walls and ceiling.
  • Drape floor to ceiling to create height; use opaque colors to make a large space feel more cozy.
  • Choose single colors in sheers and enhance the atmosphere with candlelight or string lights.
  • Create a whimsical theme by draping a single pole from ceiling center to walls.

Call Sully’s today to learn more about our new tent draping and backdrop rentals and services. Talk to our professionals to learn how we can help create your custom look.

February 8, 2021

Even a small dinner party deserves a unique and beautifully set table. Whatever the size of your next event or celebration, creative and elegant are the latest trends for dressing your table.

From showers to weddings to anniversary parties, hosts are starting with statement chairs and a bold color palette reflected in table linens and centerpieces. For a finishing touch, statement table settings, including plates, flatware, and glassware, have become the perfect complement.

Sully’s Party Rental has exactly what you need to follow this trend, with new inventory items that speak directly to the elegant, whimsical, and unique.

  • Trieste plates – White plates with elegantly scalloped edges trimmed in gold, these new plates are available in 7-inch and 10-inch diameters.
  • Gold capri flatware – This new addition to our flatware collection pairs perfectly with our gold-trimmed Trieste plates and will enhance any color palette. Order by the piece and get exactly what you need or provide a full 5-piece setting for each guest.
  • Pink water goblets – Colored goblets are the very latest trend for any dinner gathering. Our pink water goblets are stemmed and hold 11 ounces of any beverage. Add them to your Valentine’s Day list of must-haves!

These new selections from Sully’s Party Rental will complement any design, ambiance, or color palette and bring your unique flair to any dinner party. Contact our team today for details on rental options and for planning suggestions for your next event.

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