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Top 7 things you need to know when renting a tent…

  1. Are there any overhead power lines that would be close to the tent?

    Power lines need to be a minimum of 20 feet from the tallest point on the tent.

  2. Are there any underground power, water, or phone lines in the area of the tent?

    Tent stakes can be put into the ground nearly 3 feet and can cause damage to buried lines as well as injure tent installers. By signing the tent acknowledgement you agree that you have called the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at 1-800-362-2764, to verify there are no underground utilities lines in the area of the tent.

  3. Are there any underground sprinkler systems?

    Sprinkler lines are typically buried less than 18 inches below ground level. Before a tent installation can occur, these sprinkler lines and sprinkler heads need to be marked. If a sprinkler line or head is damaged from a tent stake it can cause flooding in the yard or area under and around the tent. Through the tent acknowledgement Sully’s is not responsible for damage to unmarked sprinkler lines and heads.

  4. Is the area that the tent is to be erected the same size as the tent?

    For example a 20’ x 30’ tent is to be put into a yard that is roughly 20’ x 30’. The area needed to set up a tent is larger than the actual size of the tent. There are some circumstances when this is not true but the majority of tents can need up to additional 6’- 8’ per side to be used with staking and guide wires.

  5. Does the tent need electricity and how far away are the electric outlets?

    The tent might need electric for such uses as lighting, a DJ or food cooking, preparation, and serving. The farther the power has to run through extension cords the weaker it is at the final source. This can be helped by running a heavier gauge extension cord. Please also note that the use of electricity should be spread out over multiple outlets on multiple circuits. If too many of the tents electrical needs are plugged into one outlet it will cause the circuit breakers to trip and/or some of the equipment will not function properly.

  6. A good general rule is to plan for the worst and hope for the best!

    When planning for an outdoor tent event it is a good idea to plan for the worst when it concerns the weather and other non-controllable aspects of an event. Sully’s suggest planning on the optional tent accessories available such as sidewall and lighting. The items can be added or removed from your order up to 48 hours before delivery.

  7. Do I need a tent permit?

    In most cases with tents on a residential property and for residential use, no tent permit is required. Tents that are being set up for commercial usage may need a tent permit. The needs are determined by the location of the tent (city or town) as well as if it is for a public or private company event. The costs for tent permits vary with the location they are being set-up in.
    The most important thing you need to know when renting a tent is that once the tent is up and your event has started you have to have fun!