If tree removal or dead wooding is on your list of fall chores before winter sets in, rent a wood chipper from Sully’s to finish the job. Sully’s 7” and 12” wood chippers are ideal for small DIY yard work or larger landscaping jobs.

Our 7” chipper handles medium sized limbs, runs on gas, and is towable with a 2” ball. The 12” chipper handles larger limbs and runs on diesel. It requires a pintle hookup for towing. For maximum efficiency, rent Sully’s dump trailer for hauling. With 2-foot sides, a combination tailgate, and a pintle hookup, our trailer allows you to move mulch to flower beds or haul it away.

Mulch is an ideal insulator for shrubs and perennials weathering an Ohio winter. Consider chipping excess tree limbs in your yard and distributing to protect your favorite landscaped areas. Contact Sully’s today for more information about our wood chippers and dump trailer.