Fall is an ideal time to thicken up your lawn by overseeding, but experts agree dethatching is a good first step to get maximum germination. Sully’s has the equipment you need to ensure you get the best results from your work.

Thatch protects your lawn by maintaining the moisture and drainage it needs to thrive throughout the growing season, but over time this layer of dead grass and roots can get too thick. If you plan to overseed, heavy thatch will impede germination. Before overseeding, check your lawn for a spongy feel and dethatch if the layer is ¾ inch or more in thickness. Sully’s thatcher, 22 inches wide and featuring a 5.5 HP motor with adjustable handle, is ideal for dethatching large lawns, especially those thicker thatch layers that will interfere with overseeding.

For best results, complete your project with Sully’s gas self-propelled overseeder, which features a front hopper that drops and pushes seed through remaining thatch. Ensure grass height is 2 inches and conditions are dry to get the most from your overseeding.

Contact Sully’s for more information about renting a thatcher and overseeder for your fall lawn projects.