If snow is piling up in your driveway, on your sidewalks, or in the parking lot of your business, having the right equipment will make all the difference in clearing these spaces quickly. At Sully’s Rental, snow removal options take into account those tight spaces that you might otherwise have to clear by hand.

Among Sully’s options for snow removal are skidsteers and ATVs in various sizes, open and closed cabs, with a skidsteer bucket or add a plow to the machine to quickly push snow out of the way. In Northeast Ohio, those who are plowing driveways, parking lots and tight spaces are choosing skidsteers from Sully’s.

Why a skidsteer for snowplowing?

Skidsteers are designed with a low center of gravity and enough power to make snow removal fast and efficient. They maneuver well, even in slick, icy conditions, with a tight turn radius that makes for efficient work clearing parking lots and retail and commercial walkways. Skidsteers allow for you to push the snow where you need to or lift it and dump it elsewhere if you need to clear more space.

Overall, their compact design and maneuverability makes them ideal for conditions that might be challenging for a truck.

Options for snow removal

When you need equipment that will accommodate tighter spots, such as sidewalks and narrow access paths, Sully’s has you covered with the perfectly sized ATV with a plow and an enclosed heated cab.

Wherever snow removal takes you, Sully’s lets you choose the size and style, full size to compact, open or heated cab, and attachments that suit your need, with features ranging from side lighting to sliding cab doors.

Sully’s has your skidsteer for snow removal

When you work with Sully’s, we ensure you have all the information you need to choose the right skidsteer for your job. Provide us with your plowing needs and the unique layout of your territory and we’ll let you know what skidsteer features can get the job done quickly and safely and avoid digging out by hand.

Call today for more information about snow removal equipment from Sully’s.