For construction, demolition, and digging and grading jobs, Sully’s has skidsteers and excavators to fit all your projects. Choose from among our variety of sizes, styles, and attachments to ensure you have what you need to handle the load.

From open demolition to hard-to-reach areas, Sully’s crawler style excavators are available in 7’, 10’, and 12.7’ digging depths with rotating cabs, buckets, arm reach, and grading blades. A hydraulic thumb attachment provides holding and moving power for anything that is inaccessible with the bucket.

For smaller jobs and maximum versatility, Sully’s offers tire and track skidsteers as well as mini skidsteers that you can stand on. Rubber track skidsteers provide stability for jobs that involve rough terrain. Mini skidsteers have the advantage of a narrow width that easily fits through the gate of a fenced yard.

The skidsteer’s zero-degree turn radius makes it an excellent choice for tight spaces and where your excavating job calls for precision. With a variety of attachments in addition to a bucket, the skidsteer can handle demolition, digging, excavating, grading and backfilling, and evening mowing and landscaping. Units are available with open cabs and closed, heated cabs.

Contact Sully’s today for more details about our excavators and skidsteers for all your demolition, digging, and grading projects.