Whether you have last-minute repairs on your gutters, are still hanging holiday lights, or are finally taking on that two-story foyer painting project, contact Sully’s Rental now to secure your scissor lift. Demand is high, and for good reason. Scissor lifts provide the safety and convenience you need to get the work done, helping you to safely reach high corners and doing the heavy lifting for you.

In residential and commercial settings, scissor lifts are ideal for transporting materials, bringing heavy supplies to the level needed, making quick work of a big job, and reducing the risk of injury from lifting, bending, and twisting. That’s a big advantage in a commercial setting but also crucial at home, where inexperience can lead to strained backs or broken bones.

Sully’s scissor lifts are available in multiple sizes, reaching working heights of 25 feet to 38 feet. For indoor maintenance and remodeling projects that are hard to reach, stocking shelves or replacing lights in a warehouse setting, or making ceiling repairs, there is a model that will work for you.

For commercial improvements and DIY projects, contact Sully’s today to rent your scissor lift!