October 11, 2021

Family gatherings, neighborhood parties, cook outs and clam bakes, and even business meetings may still present challenges as we attempt to keep friends, colleagues, and family safe, but Sully’s has solutions for all your Fall outdoor entertaining needs.

Cooler weather rarely keeps Northeast Ohioans inside and keeping groups outside continues to be the safest way to gather. Tents and accessories, tables and chairs, and a heat source are all you need to make any outdoor gathering or meeting possible.

Tents with many options

Small to large, for erection on grass or asphalt, Sully’s has a tent suitable for your needs, including the option of sides to keep out the weather.

  • For a backyard luncheon on a warm afternoon – an open pole tent provides the perfect atmosphere.
  • All day neighborhood clam bake – Our large frame tent fits the job, with sides ready to lower to block out the evening chill as the sun sets.
  • Arranging business meetings or outdoor classrooms – A frame tent in the appropriate size sets the site, with windowed sides to let in some light while blocking out distractions.
  • Evening dinner party with friends or family – Our tents can be outfitted with café lights to perfectly set the mood.

Short on seating? No worries!

Sully’s has tables and chairs to fit any occasion, from cozy round tables for lunch or dinner parties to rectangular tables to maximize space. Ask us about tablecloths and matching linens for special occasions.

Heaters for chilly evenings

Inside tents or sitting out on your deck or patio, our portable heaters provide the perfect amount of heat to keep party guests, meeting attendees, and students warm enough. Use our tips to get the right size heater for your tent or venue.

Plan ahead for accessories you will need

Sully’s has a wide range of add-ons and equipment you may need for any type of outdoor event.

  • Dance floor or staging area for presentations, live music, or dancing
  • Carpeting
  • Concession machines and accessories
  • Coffee service
  • Display equipment
  • Specialized lighting
  • Games
  • And much more

Whatever event you are planning this fall, our team is ready to help make it special. Contact Sully’s Rental today.

August 3, 2021

The upcoming school year and fall sports season promises to be a lot more normal this year. Your kick-off picnic for returning students, meet-and-greet gatherings for new clubs and organizations, and support activities for fall sports are too important to risk weather ruining your outdoor plans.

Sully’s Rental has a tent to fit your plans, from a small information post outside the school building for new club members to check in to large kick-off picnics at the community park or a celebration of the first football game of the year.

With Sully’s, you can hold that parking lot tailgate before the home football games or invite the whole school to the kick-off picnic. Choose from tents that are compatible for location on grass or pavement, with optional accessories that allow for that unexpected cool day or pop-up storm. Sidewalls provide a comfortable space to set up food and beverages. Keep those cool temps out with a space heater and ensure seating for everyone with tables and chairs from Sully’s.

Outdoor events remain the best option for students and families, as most communities continue to encourage thoughtful gatherings that include some care taken for open air and social distancing. Your Sully’s tent can provide the open air you need with protection from light rain or extreme heat.

From 20’ by 20’ canopy tents to large pole and frame tents, Sully’s has you covered. Call today for more information about tent rental as well as set up and tear down services.

June 3, 2021

The casual backyard party is back in summer 2021. With entertainment and party protocols returning to a more normal feel, many families are already planning small and medium gatherings to celebrate graduations, postponed events, or just to celebrate. Make yours special with unique additions, such as concession equipment and yard games, available at Sully’s Rental.

Make it different

Backyard parties are usually casual affairs that feature grilled faire, potluck dishes, and beverages on ice. Bring a festive feel to yours with concessions that take your guests back to the neighborhood carnival or county fair they missed last year. From hot dog rollers to cotton candy machines to a frozen margarita dispenser, options fit every theme.

Concession equipment rentals include directions, with accessories available separately.

  • Nacho cheese dispenser
  • Sno-Kone machine
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Pretzels
  • Hot dog warmer or roller
  • Frozen margaritas

Add fun and games

There’s nothing better than yard games to bring a group together. With Sully’s, you can provide everything from whimsical fun to some friendly competition. Sign guests up for a Corn Hole or Horseshoes tournament or take turns tackling Giant Jenga.

Game rentals are perfect and portable for yard parties, picnic venues, and campgrounds.

  • Bocce ball
  • Corn hole
  • Giant Jenga
  • Connect 4
  • Horseshoes

Keep it easy

Whether your party, gathering or impromptu event includes a few neighbors, extended family, or a reunion of old friends, Sully’s is ready to help you keep stress low and fun high. Rent all the tables and chairs you need for your guests, add ambiance with some bistro lights, and take time to enjoy socializing this summer.

Contact the professionals at Sully’s for rental, pick-up, and drop-off details for everything you need to make your backyard party or summer event special. Call today!

March 15, 2021

Setting a mood, enhancing colors and settings, or simply adding a “wow” factor to an event is easy with draping and backdrops that are customized specifically to your gathering and purpose.

Sully’s Party Rental now offers tent draping and backdrops for rent, including a variety of colors and textures, lengths in varying heights, and full planning and installation services so that your event is expertly set with the mood and atmosphere you desire. Draping can create a stunning effect when packaged with lighting and sheer color draping, and custom backdrops create an elegance and focal point for a head table, guest of honor, or ceremony.

Package your choice of fabric in sheers, opaques, silks, and/or sheens with string lights, greenery, ties, and sashes in a full complement of colors, styles, and lengths to create your custom design.

Consider the following options available from Sully’s Party Rental:

  • Tent and ceiling draping – Enhance a theme, add elegance or intimacy to your event, or make your guests forget they are in a tent with draping swags that lower your tent ceiling and full liners that can completely hide the interior structure.
  • Backdrops – For your head table, staging for a band or a presentation, your buffet or drink section, and more, backdrops will bring the focal point of your event where you want it, enhance the atmosphere of your gathering, or simply “dress up” plain walls.
  • Ceremony draping – An arch, arbor or canopy out in the open or under cover and designed to be as simple or ornate as you choose, is the perfect addition to your wedding or any ceremony.

At Sully’s, we provide the items and services you need for events including fund raisers, trade shows, company parties, graduation parties, awards ceremonies, weddings, anniversary celebrations, and more.

Why add draping?

You can choose and create your look and feel for any event.

  • Soften edges or create custom walls and ceiling.
  • Drape floor to ceiling to create height; use opaque colors to make a large space feel more cozy.
  • Choose single colors in sheers and enhance the atmosphere with candlelight or string lights.
  • Create a whimsical theme by draping a single pole from ceiling center to walls.

Call Sully’s today to learn more about our new tent draping and backdrop rentals and services. Talk to our professionals to learn how we can help create your custom look.

October 12, 2020

For events that are formal, casual and everything in between, Chiavari chairs are the answer for seating for your guests. Lightweight and versatile, they can enhance and complement any event and any atmosphere.

Chiavari chairs are named for the coastal town in the Italian riviera where the design originated. Despite the connection to Italy, however, the chairs are far better known for their use at upscale celebrity weddings and formal events such as the Oscars. Many brides today request the chairs, distinguished by bamboo-like legs and backs that look incredibly elegant with the addition of bows and sashes.

At Sully’s Party Rental, Chiavari chairs are available in mahogany wood or in gold or clear resin frames with seat cushions in black or ivory. They are extremely sturdy but present a small footprint, creating an elegant and roomy feel even in halls that are filled to capacity.

Whatever your color and design scheme, Sully’s Chiavari chairs will work for your look. Our mahogany chairs provide a rich warmth as well as the rustic feel that comes with solid wood. Gold framed chairs provide the sparkle and class you seek for a formal event, while our clear frames will perfectly pick up the color and lighting you have chosen. Both black and ivory cushions on the gold or clear chairs will enhance any atmosphere,

Add sashes to any Chiavari chair to complement any wedding color schemes, available in a full array of colors.

Whether your event is in a rustic barn or elegant banquet hall, for retirement parties to classy weddings, Chiavari chairs are the practical choice for their easy set-up and their ability to mix with the atmosphere you desire. They continue to be the most popular choice for today’s brides.

Call today for details on Chiavari chair rental from Sully’s.

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