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How to use our beverage fountain:

Beverage fountains are designed to circulate clear beverages. Pulp, seeds, fruit, foamy punches or ice cream will clog the pump and restrict flow, causing unsatisfactory results.

Operating tips:

  • Only plug the beverage fountain into a grounded outlet of appropriate volts and amps.
  • The fountain will not cool the beverage, so only put cold beverage into the fountain.
  • Freeze some of your beverage before-hand and add the ice to the fountain throughout the event. Using water ice cubes will result in the beverage becoming watered-down.
  • Do not allow the fountain to run dry.


  1. Place the fountain on a stable, level surface, such as a table or counter.
  2. Pour at least three gallons of liquid into the lower reservoir, plug the fountain in, and flip the switch to ON. The beverage should begin circulating within one minute. If not, pour some liquid into the top reservoir until the pump is activated.
  3. Maintain at least three gallons of liquid in the lower reservoir at all times.


  1. Turn the fountain off and empty the remaining liquid.
  2. Fill the lower reservoir with three gallons of warm water and flip the switch ON.
  3. Allow the water to circulate for five minutes.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the warm water remains clear.
  • Do not use scouring pads or cleaning abrasives.
  • Do not immerse the fountain’s base in water.
  • Do not take the fountain apart.

Common Quantities:

Beverage / Quantity / Servings

Champagne / 1 case-12 bottles / 80 drinks

Liquor / 1 quart / 28 drinks

Punch / 1 gallon / 32 drinks