July 5, 2022

2022 is becoming the year of the wedding. Couples who postponed their nuptials for as long as two years are anxious to get dates set. Couples who settled for small, private weddings are now planning the large celebrations they had intended. The result is a demand for everything wedding related that threatens to outstrip supply.

Trends for 2022 show that by year’s end, weddings will be up as much as 30%, with about 2.5 million couples having gotten married. That’s more weddings in one year than this country has seen in nearly four decades, mostly due to pandemic postponements.

For couples determined to plan the wedding of their dreams, Sully’s Rental has supplies available to fit any vision. The key in this fast-moving wedding season is pre-planning and early booking, along with a little bit of flexibility.

Make your decisions in the right order

With demand extremely high for the most popular venues, it is more important that ever to choose and book your venue early. Wedding experts encourage couples to put three items on the top of their planning list and check them off as soon as possible.

  1. Hire a wedding planner who can help you set a vision and narrow down a list of venues.
  2. Book your venue and review what is included with that contract, specifically catering, tables and chairs, and bar service.
  3. Book your caterer if one is not included in your venue contract.

With these three decisions made, everything else you will need should follow. Depending on your venue and the atmosphere, there are several important items that will be on your rental list and Sully’s can help you check these off.

High priority rental items from Sully’s

Get the sizes, styles, colors, and accessories to complete your wedding vision by booking early with Sully’s Party Rental.

  • Tent – If you have chosen an outdoor venue, a tent is a must. Our team can help you choose the right size and style for your guest list and location, as well as options for sidewalls and heating or cooling needs.
  • Catering Tent – Depending on your venue and your catering service, a second smaller tent may be needed to shelter your catering staff and provide a place from which to serve. Check with your venue and caterer to be sure you book what you need.
  • Tables and chairs – Whether your venue is indoor or outdoor, you may need to provide tables and chairs. Sully’s experts can help you with numbers, size, and layout designs to best suit your vision and the space you have.
  • China and flatware – Even if your caterer provides dishes, you may want to upgrade to china and flatware from Sully’s that truly enhances your event.
  • Glassware and bar service – Choose stemmed or stemless glassware from Sully’s or rent a full bar setting if your venue does not provide one.
  • Linens – Including table runners, table skirts, chair covers, and napkins, Sully’s has a huge selection of colors, styles, and textures that will suit your indoor or outdoor wedding.
  • Centerpieces – From vases and votives to rustic sets, Sully’s can help you finish each table.
  • Lighting and draping – For both tents and interior venues, Sully’s has available lighting, tent draping, and pipe and drape options to dress up your celebration space.
  • Dance floor – A dance floor is a must for your outdoor wedding venue. Ask our team about staging for your live band or DJ.

Flexibility can make your wedding

In a booming wedding industry with prices on the high side, being willing to compromise can make all the difference. Some couples are considering weekdays and/or unconventional times when their venue of choice is booked on the weekends. Others are moving plans to outdoor settings, which can open up a range of options including a family farm or large yard.

Let the team at Sully’s Rental help you find ways to create the wedding of your dreams with one of the largest selections of party items in the area. Call early to get your request in!


December 30, 2021

Congratulations on getting engaged this holiday season! The dreaming, the fun, and the work begins now, and Sully’s Party Rental is available to help with all your wedding planning details.

Considering the start of your life together is some of the best time you will spend with your chosen partner. Be sure to enjoy this time before diving into your wedding planning.

  • Call your family and friends to share your news.
  • Plan a small engagement celebration.
  • Show off your ring and be sure to get it insured.
  • Discuss your dream wedding with your fiancé and those closest to you.

Wedding planning tips

Actual planning of your wedding day will likely begin soon after your engagement, but take your time before locking in a date and vendors. Your early discussions should revolve around those traditions and elements that are “must-haves” so you can build details around them. It also is helpful to have an idea of the size of your guest list and budget so you don’t get your heart set on a venue that isn’t big enough or is outside of your budget limit.

Keep the following in mind as you begin your planning:

  • Pick a season that fits your dream first. Your venue, colors and decorations will all follow naturally from the season of the year you have chosen.
  • Create a venue checklist before you begin visiting potential locations. Your list of requirements for your venue will help eliminate unsuitable locations and guide your questions as you visit those locations that may fit your dream.
  • Lock in your date and venue before moving on to other potential vendors, including rental of tables, chairs, and glassware. Having a couple dates in mind within your chosen season will make it easier to book the venue you like best.

Your wedding planning team

With the many decisions you will need to make as you plan your wedding, the team you build will be crucial. Identify your go-to team members at your venue, catering company, photographer, and all vendors providing items to complete your day.

At Sully’s, our professionals are on-hand to help you with the perfect rental items as well as working with your venue to supply everything you need to create your dream wedding.

Choose Sully’s services for the following:

  • Small ceremonies set in a park or yard
  • Large weddings at outdoor venues
  • Traditional weddings in party centers or church halls

We can outfit any wedding celebration with beautiful tents draped and decorated, tables and chairs finished with table skirts and runners, as well as a full complement of linens, café lights, china and place settings, full bar service, a dance floor and music equipment, and seasonal specialties, including heat or air conditioning.

Contact Sully’s Rental early in your wedding planning process and add us to your team of planning professionals. We are ready to help you take your holiday engagement to the perfect wedding of your dreams.

January 5, 2021

As we enter a new year, one thing that has not changed is the pandemic continues to change everything, specifically, how newly engaged couples approach their wedding plans. At the forefront of these plans are the following concerns:

  • How can I ensure the safety of my family and friends at my wedding and reception?
  • Is help available to plan a different type of celebration that provides the atmosphere and elegance expected at a wedding?

Sully’s Party Rental has the answers to these questions as brides and grooms begin looking at options for wedding celebrations in 2021. The key is being flexible and willing to consider unconventional possibilities. Many venues may be booked with weddings that were postponed from last year, but Sully’s can help you get creative with your venue using everything from a local park to your backyard for your celebration.

Your outdoor wedding

Since care still must be taken even for small gatherings, an outdoor venue is an excellent choice for a wedding even in cooler weather. With help from the experts at Sully’s, even an unlikely outdoor location can be transformed into a beautiful wedding venue that is comfortable and protected from the elements.

  • Choose your tent – With pole and frame styles available, we’ve got you covered for both grass and pavement. Add sides in solid, mesh or with windows, and your guests are protected from any type of weather.
  • Event and dance flooring – Set up a dance floor or provide safe access over grass to a building, additional tents, or restroom facilities.
  • Heating and cooling options – For early spring or late fall weddings or celebrations in the middle of the summer, keeping your guests comfortable is easy with Sully’s tent heaters, cool air movers and generators.
  • Tables, chairs and linens – We can provide guidance on seating arrangements for round, rectangular or serpentine tables with comfortable seating and elegant linens, as well as classy Chiavari chairs for the ceremony.
  • Glassware, china, and bar service – We have everything you need for your champagne toast, dinner, desserts, and evening entertainment.
  • Lighting – Go beyond basic lighting and consider bistro lighting or LED lighting in colors that complete the atmosphere for your special day.

For any budget and any size guest list, Sully’s team is prepared to help you take advantage of any season and any location to create the perfect 2021 wedding. Contact us today to begin planning your unique celebration.

September 4, 2020

The changing leaves have always provided a wonderful backdrop for fall weddings. This fall, many couples are adjusting wedding celebrations to ensure safety—meaning more outdoor gatherings under tents and in open air venues. What a great opportunity to incorporate décor to enhance the burst of surrounding color without breaking your budget.

Transforming a tent or barn doesn’t have to be complicated. Linens and fabrics are one of the easiest ways to bring color to your space and create an elegance you wouldn’t think possible for an outdoor celebration.

At Sully’s Party Rental, table linens, napkins, chair covers and sashes are available in an array of fall colors, providing unlimited options for customizing your fall wedding. Choose from rich rubies and burgundies to oranges and yellows to soft earth tones. Incorporating color families and bold combinations along with rustic centerpieces can make your wedding venue unique and memorable.

  • Choose a focal point. It could be the head table or the setting for your vows but make it stand out with a different color and/or texture for a table covering, chair covers or sashes.
  • Use an array of oranges, reds and golds for napkins set at tables covered in cloths in shades of green to create the illusion of scattered fall leaves.
  • Choose simple centerpieces using floral elements and ribbon that incorporate a rustic feel with browns, goldenrod, olive and burnt orange.
  • Lighting can make all the difference in high peaked tents or strung between trees. Sully’s professionals can help you choose the right style and color of lighting for your venue.

Sully’s linens are available in a variety of styles and textures, including velvet, satin, damask, sheers and lace, and many others, all in many color options and combinations. Table skirting, chair covers and sashes can all be incorporated with your vision and design. Talk to our team today for more ideas on how to make your fall wedding pop with color and style.

August 3, 2020

A lot has changed in this new coronavirus era and those changes are evident in how weddings are planned and executed. The great news for couples planning a warm weather wedding is they don’t have to settle by planning their nuptials under a tent. A few adjustments will be necessary, but tent weddings have long been a popular choice for their versatility, reasonable cost, and the ability to plan an outdoor wedding without worrying about rain.

Large tents are the perfect solution to today’s challenges, instantly turning your backyard into a beautiful party center. Frame and pole tents can be situated and decorated to provide an elegant backdrop, with decorations and bistro lights setting an afternoon or evening ambiance that will rival any party room. Should the weather be less than ideal, accessories include sides that protect guests from the elements while still allowing the ventilation needed to maintain safety.

Plan ahead

If one thing is certain, it’s that nothing is certain, even if you have chosen to push your wedding plans to next spring. Wedding planners suggest couples work ahead, reserving venue, caterer, etc. for a primary date but having two or three backup dates just in case.

Make it a tent wedding, whether a backyard or a park, and the safety of an outdoor event increases your chance of holding it on your primary date. Keep a few important things in mind as you plan, and your wedding will be everything you dreamed of and more.

  • Keep the guest list small – intimate weddings can be beautiful, but more importantly, your guests will be able to social distance throughout the event.
  • Choose a tent that is large enough to accommodate your table choices and a dance floor – portable dance floors and low numbers mean you may have the bridal dance you hoped for.
  • Choose elegant sidewalls, lighting, table linens, chair covers and other decorations when you reserve your tent so you are ready for any weather and you achieve the ambiance you want.
  • Details are everything – study your venue and work with a wedding planner to identify the best location for the tent and the ceremony itself. For example, a small adjacent garden may provide a lovely backdrop for your ceremony before moving guests to the tent for the reception.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding for this fall or for spring or summer 2021, Sully’s Party Rental has staff on hand to help you arrange for a tent, tables, chairs, and a wide variety of accessories from lighting to bar service to a dance floor that will make your special day everything you had hoped for. Our team provides delivery, set up and tear down for your event. Call today!

February 5, 2020

Looking for some simple, yet elegant decorations for a special event? Do you need to quickly transform an unsightly wall? Would guidance setting up a trade show help get your event up and running? You don’t have to spend a lot and our professionals are on hand to show you how.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a space is through a pipe and drape system. This system of vertical and horizontal piping fits together easily to create a standalone frame. Once assembled, you attach beautiful fabric drapes in various colors and textures to create a backdrop, cover walls, divide spaces and basically change the look and atmosphere of any room. From weddings to trade shows, pipe and drape provide temporary décor that is elegant, functional, and easy to set up and tear down.

Why Pipe & Drape?

Often our clients are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to complete a space for an event. A pipe and drape system is a great solution.

  • Appropriate for photo backdrops, theater staging, trade show booths, registration tables, room dividers, and more.

  • Use lower height poles to separate booths or higher poles to cover entire walls.

  • Rent by the linear foot so you only pay for what you need.

  • Arrange for set up and tear down by professionals or choose to do it yourself. It’s easy!

Rental made easy

At Sully’s Party Rental, our pipe and drape assemblies are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Choose from heights of three feet, six feet, eight feet, and 12 feet and from a variety of colors and fabrics. All fabric is high quality and wrinkle free.

Not sure how much you need? Simply measure the width of the walls you want to cover. You may also get a floor plan from your venue and measure off areas you intend to use, such as for a trade show. Our event specialists are always available to help you calculate what you will need for your event.

A few common measurements to keep in mind:

  • A basic photo backdrop is 12 feet wide.

  • A backdrop for a head table for 7 to 12 guests is 24 feet wide.

  • A standard trade show booth is 10 feet by 10 feet.

Pipe and drape systems also allow for some creativity for your event, with options for multiple colors and layered draping in the form of tied-back sections or swags. Ask our experts for details on how pipe and drape can improve the look and atmosphere of your event. Event specialists are available to plan and set up any event, from receptions to elaborate 100+ vendor shows.

Call Sully’s today for rental details.

January 8, 2020

If you have just become engaged, the sooner you start planning the better. Why? Because with so many details to set, having things the way you want with minimal stress is more likely if you start early.

Of course, take a minute to enjoy your new engagement. Share the news with family and friends, post pictures on social media, and then consider the following.

  • Set your budget – An exact figure is not necessary but establish a general budget that is realistic, so you have a starting point.

  • Start a guest list – Yes, this is just a draft, but like your budget, you need a starting point for number of guests.

  • Decide on a season for your wedding – If the time of year and the weather are important to you, make this decision early.

You now have the basics to move forward with choosing your date and your venue. If you are set on getting married during the most popular months – June and September are the big ones – you should do this quickly. Visit venues with a list of dates in mind so once you settle on your location you can book the date that is available.

Depending on the type of wedding and your venue, you may need to act quickly on some rental arrangements. For outdoor venues, for some barn or warehouse style venues, or if you are using a park or your yard for your reception, you may need to rent tents, tables and chairs, linens, and more. At Sully’s we can transform your backyard or park into a perfect reception venue.

  • Tents are available in pole and frame styles and allow for accessories such as sides and café lighting.

  • You will want to consider seating arrangements before deciding on round, rectangular or serpentine tables and appropriate chairs.

  • Linens, including a variety of tablecloths and chair covers, are available in many colors and textures that can enhance your décor.

  • Depending on your venue and catering arrangements, you may also need to choose table wear, including china, glass wear and utensils.

If you are looking for help in making decisions for your wedding, there are many wedding planning websites that can help with options for any budget. Many couples also are choosing to plan a celebration of their engagement with the special people in their lives at least in part as a practice run to their reception. A small party provides an opportunity to test out caterers, photography and videographers.

The team at Sully’s is ready to help you plan the perfect wedding, with rental options for tents, tables and chairs, linens, table wear, bar service, lighting, dance floors, and sound systems. Call for details on how we can help in planning your wedding, engagement party or both.

January 8, 2019

Wedding planning season kicks into high gear after the holidays. In addition to bridal gown, tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses and gifts, and flowers, there is venue, catering, music, and bar service. With so many decisions to make, wouldn’t it be great if multiple items could be checked off your list with just one stop?

Weddings today are as unique as the couples planning them. Venues range from backyards to beaches. Themes range from casual parties to upscale events.

At Sully’s Party Rental, it’s possible to create a wedding that is uniquely yours, with a wide variety of rental options. We have it all, from tents to dance floors, china to bar supplies.

For outdoor venues, we offer both pole and frame tents. No worries if your location is a grassy knoll. Our pole tents anchor securely, and we can provide a dance floor large enough for all your guests. Lighting and side curtains can create the perfect ambiance for your special day.

Whether your reception is under a tent or planned for a gym or hall, tables, chairs and linens are crucial to the atmosphere. Our professionals can help with numbers, style of tables and set-up so that you make the most of your space. Whether you choose long tables or round tables, we can provide linens, china and stemware that will complete the look to perfection. At Sully’s you also can rent serving supplies, coffee service, fountains and punch bowls.

We also take the worry out of the weather forecast by offering heaters and generators for rent.

Wedding planning has never been easier. Look for us at the Today’s Bride Akron Bridal Show on January 13 at the John S. Knight Center. We can provide you full details on how one-stop planning at Sully’s can give your wedding the personal touch you are looking for.

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