2022 is becoming the year of the wedding. Couples who postponed their nuptials for as long as two years are anxious to get dates set. Couples who settled for small, private weddings are now planning the large celebrations they had intended. The result is a demand for everything wedding related that threatens to outstrip supply.

Trends for 2022 show that by year’s end, weddings will be up as much as 30%, with about 2.5 million couples having gotten married. That’s more weddings in one year than this country has seen in nearly four decades, mostly due to pandemic postponements.

For couples determined to plan the wedding of their dreams, Sully’s Rental has supplies available to fit any vision. The key in this fast-moving wedding season is pre-planning and early booking, along with a little bit of flexibility.

Make your decisions in the right order

With demand extremely high for the most popular venues, it is more important that ever to choose and book your venue early. Wedding experts encourage couples to put three items on the top of their planning list and check them off as soon as possible.

  1. Hire a wedding planner who can help you set a vision and narrow down a list of venues.
  2. Book your venue and review what is included with that contract, specifically catering, tables and chairs, and bar service.
  3. Book your caterer if one is not included in your venue contract.

With these three decisions made, everything else you will need should follow. Depending on your venue and the atmosphere, there are several important items that will be on your rental list and Sully’s can help you check these off.

High priority rental items from Sully’s

Get the sizes, styles, colors, and accessories to complete your wedding vision by booking early with Sully’s Party Rental.

  • Tent – If you have chosen an outdoor venue, a tent is a must. Our team can help you choose the right size and style for your guest list and location, as well as options for sidewalls and heating or cooling needs.
  • Catering Tent – Depending on your venue and your catering service, a second smaller tent may be needed to shelter your catering staff and provide a place from which to serve. Check with your venue and caterer to be sure you book what you need.
  • Tables and chairs – Whether your venue is indoor or outdoor, you may need to provide tables and chairs. Sully’s experts can help you with numbers, size, and layout designs to best suit your vision and the space you have.
  • China and flatware – Even if your caterer provides dishes, you may want to upgrade to china and flatware from Sully’s that truly enhances your event.
  • Glassware and bar service – Choose stemmed or stemless glassware from Sully’s or rent a full bar setting if your venue does not provide one.
  • Linens – Including table runners, table skirts, chair covers, and napkins, Sully’s has a huge selection of colors, styles, and textures that will suit your indoor or outdoor wedding.
  • Centerpieces – From vases and votives to rustic sets, Sully’s can help you finish each table.
  • Lighting and draping – For both tents and interior venues, Sully’s has available lighting, tent draping, and pipe and drape options to dress up your celebration space.
  • Dance floor – A dance floor is a must for your outdoor wedding venue. Ask our team about staging for your live band or DJ.

Flexibility can make your wedding

In a booming wedding industry with prices on the high side, being willing to compromise can make all the difference. Some couples are considering weekdays and/or unconventional times when their venue of choice is booked on the weekends. Others are moving plans to outdoor settings, which can open up a range of options including a family farm or large yard.

Let the team at Sully’s Rental help you find ways to create the wedding of your dreams with one of the largest selections of party items in the area. Call early to get your request in!