Congratulations on getting engaged this holiday season! The dreaming, the fun, and the work begins now, and Sully’s Party Rental is available to help with all your wedding planning details.

Considering the start of your life together is some of the best time you will spend with your chosen partner. Be sure to enjoy this time before diving into your wedding planning.

  • Call your family and friends to share your news.
  • Plan a small engagement celebration.
  • Show off your ring and be sure to get it insured.
  • Discuss your dream wedding with your fiancé and those closest to you.

Wedding planning tips

Actual planning of your wedding day will likely begin soon after your engagement, but take your time before locking in a date and vendors. Your early discussions should revolve around those traditions and elements that are “must-haves” so you can build details around them. It also is helpful to have an idea of the size of your guest list and budget so you don’t get your heart set on a venue that isn’t big enough or is outside of your budget limit.

Keep the following in mind as you begin your planning:

  • Pick a season that fits your dream first. Your venue, colors and decorations will all follow naturally from the season of the year you have chosen.
  • Create a venue checklist before you begin visiting potential locations. Your list of requirements for your venue will help eliminate unsuitable locations and guide your questions as you visit those locations that may fit your dream.
  • Lock in your date and venue before moving on to other potential vendors, including rental of tables, chairs, and glassware. Having a couple dates in mind within your chosen season will make it easier to book the venue you like best.

Your wedding planning team

With the many decisions you will need to make as you plan your wedding, the team you build will be crucial. Identify your go-to team members at your venue, catering company, photographer, and all vendors providing items to complete your day.

At Sully’s, our professionals are on-hand to help you with the perfect rental items as well as working with your venue to supply everything you need to create your dream wedding.

Choose Sully’s services for the following:

  • Small ceremonies set in a park or yard
  • Large weddings at outdoor venues
  • Traditional weddings in party centers or church halls

We can outfit any wedding celebration with beautiful tents draped and decorated, tables and chairs finished with table skirts and runners, as well as a full complement of linens, café lights, china and place settings, full bar service, a dance floor and music equipment, and seasonal specialties, including heat or air conditioning.

Contact Sully’s Rental early in your wedding planning process and add us to your team of planning professionals. We are ready to help you take your holiday engagement to the perfect wedding of your dreams.