A lot has changed in this new coronavirus era and those changes are evident in how weddings are planned and executed. The great news for couples planning a warm weather wedding is they don’t have to settle by planning their nuptials under a tent. A few adjustments will be necessary, but tent weddings have long been a popular choice for their versatility, reasonable cost, and the ability to plan an outdoor wedding without worrying about rain.

Large tents are the perfect solution to today’s challenges, instantly turning your backyard into a beautiful party center. Frame and pole tents can be situated and decorated to provide an elegant backdrop, with decorations and bistro lights setting an afternoon or evening ambiance that will rival any party room. Should the weather be less than ideal, accessories include sides that protect guests from the elements while still allowing the ventilation needed to maintain safety.

Plan ahead

If one thing is certain, it’s that nothing is certain, even if you have chosen to push your wedding plans to next spring. Wedding planners suggest couples work ahead, reserving venue, caterer, etc. for a primary date but having two or three backup dates just in case.

Make it a tent wedding, whether a backyard or a park, and the safety of an outdoor event increases your chance of holding it on your primary date. Keep a few important things in mind as you plan, and your wedding will be everything you dreamed of and more.

  • Keep the guest list small – intimate weddings can be beautiful, but more importantly, your guests will be able to social distance throughout the event.
  • Choose a tent that is large enough to accommodate your table choices and a dance floor – portable dance floors and low numbers mean you may have the bridal dance you hoped for.
  • Choose elegant sidewalls, lighting, table linens, chair covers and other decorations when you reserve your tent so you are ready for any weather and you achieve the ambiance you want.
  • Details are everything – study your venue and work with a wedding planner to identify the best location for the tent and the ceremony itself. For example, a small adjacent garden may provide a lovely backdrop for your ceremony before moving guests to the tent for the reception.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding for this fall or for spring or summer 2021, Sully’s Party Rental has staff on hand to help you arrange for a tent, tables, chairs, and a wide variety of accessories from lighting to bar service to a dance floor that will make your special day everything you had hoped for. Our team provides delivery, set up and tear down for your event. Call today!