In some parts of the country – the South, for example – people don’t need a reason to have a pig roast. Any nice day will do. In Northeast Ohio, the upcoming July 4 holiday presents a perfect reason to invite a crowd over to dig into some great barbecue.

A pig roast means outdoors, grilling, summer barbecue, and celebration. Best of all, you can invite a crowd and still keep it simple and casual. Sully’s Rental has everything you need for the ultimate July 4 pig roast.

Tips for hosting a pig roast

Yes, you can do this yourself, even if you have never roasted a pig before! Sully’s has a towable pig spit that is big enough for the largest July 4 celebration. Our charcoal pig spit is available with a rotisserie or grill top and includes instructions that answer all your questions.

Here’s how to plan your party:

  • Finalize a guest list early so you know how big your pig needs to be. A 60-pound pig feeds 35 to 45 guests. A 100-pound pig feeds 80-90 guests. Our pig spit has a 180-pound capacity.
  • Get your guests involved by making your party a potluck. Top choices for sides include baked beans, coleslaw, corn, fresh fruit, and grilled vegetables, but your guests can customize your party for you. Don’t forget to assign desserts too!
  • Contact Sully’s experts to get all the tables and chairs you will need. You can keep your party simple with disposable accessories and let your pig be the focal point.
  • Be ready for any weather with a tent from Sully’s, as well as serving items to keep hot foods hot, cold foods cold, and beverages on ice. Sully’s has chafing dishes, insulated food carriers, ice tables, and a salad bar draining table.
  • Make mopping your roasting pig part of the fun as your neighborhood fills with the smoky aromas of your upcoming feast.

Whether you are a first-time pig roaster or you have a secret family recipe for your seasoning and barbecue sauce, your party will be the talk of the July 4 holiday with help from Sully’s.

Call us today to rent everything you need for the ultimate summer party.