Cold and damp Northeast Ohio weather makes any outdoor event or work site a challenge at this time of year. A heat source can make a big difference, so if you need to take the chill off, consider heating rental options from Sully’s Rental.

Choosing the right heat source is critical for both performance and safety. Sully’s offers for rent heaters that operate using propane and natural gas as well as electric heaters. The key is determining the best heater for your application.

Why do you need a temporary heat source?

  • Create a warming station for construction workers, volunteers, or athletes during a game or competition.
  • Provide heat to thaw out machines or keep equipment at the proper temperature for safe operation.
  • Maintain optimal temperature within a construction venue where concrete, adhesives, or other materials need to set up or cure.
  • Prevent freezing of water pipes at a construction site or other venue.
  • Provide heat in a tent or any temporary shelter or unheated space.
  • Establish a longer-term heat source in any venue by connecting to a natural gas hookup.

For outdoor entertaining, a heat source means guests will be more comfortable even in an open-air environment, such as a deck or patio. The experts at Sully’s can help you determine what type of heat source will work best for your plans, including a dual fuel machine that operates on either propane or natural gas.

Remember, any temporary heat source must be used correctly to provide maximum benefit and be safe for workers or guests. At any venue or job site, a temporary heater should never be left unattended.

Safety tips for using heaters

  • Read all instructions for your temporary heater before using.
  • Place any heater on a solid level surface away from combustible materials.
  • Ensure there is ample clearance on all sides of heater away from walls, boxes, or furniture.
  • Shut heater off before refueling.
  • Use temporary heaters in well-ventilated areas.
  • Ensure alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in use at all times.

If you need temporary heating, short or long term, for any event or project, contact Sully’s for more information about our torpedo heaters, ideal for job sites, and our tent heaters, available in three sizes, that provide the heat you need for the perfect outdoor party or wedding.