September 1, 2022

Fall is an ideal time to thicken up your lawn by overseeding, but experts agree dethatching is a good first step to get maximum germination. Sully’s has the equipment you need to ensure you get the best results from your work.

Thatch protects your lawn by maintaining the moisture and drainage it needs to thrive throughout the growing season, but over time this layer of dead grass and roots can get too thick. If you plan to overseed, heavy thatch will impede germination. Before overseeding, check your lawn for a spongy feel and dethatch if the layer is ¾ inch or more in thickness. Sully’s thatcher, 22 inches wide and featuring a 5.5 HP motor with adjustable handle, is ideal for dethatching large lawns, especially those thicker thatch layers that will interfere with overseeding.

For best results, complete your project with Sully’s gas self-propelled overseeder, which features a front hopper that drops and pushes seed through remaining thatch. Ensure grass height is 2 inches and conditions are dry to get the most from your overseeding.

Contact Sully’s for more information about renting a thatcher and overseeder for your fall lawn projects.

August 1, 2022

Late summer is a great time to get ahead on fall home and yard maintenance, and that can range from gutter or soffit repair to some tree cleanup after summer storms. A boom lift from Sully’s can make it easier and safer to trim dead or broken branches, remove debris from your roof, or repair a loose gutter following high wind and rain.

Boom lifts with maximum working heights ranging from 43 feet to 60 feet are available for rent right now from Sully’s. With drivable and tow-behind models and reach extending up to 33 feet, you can accomplish any residential or commercial project.  Sully’s boom lifts run on gas or electric with outriggers and basket lifting capacity of 500 lbs.

Don’t wait to reserve a boom lift for any hard-to-reach outdoor maintenance job. Contact Sully’s today.

June 1, 2022

For the biggest lawn jobs, a zero-turn mower can save any homeowner or landscaper a lot of time and provide an excellent cut. Our 52” zero-turn lawn mower provides efficient service for any residential or commercial setting.

Large zero-turn mowers cover significantly more ground in a short time over a standard mower. With 52 inches of width and the engine located in the back, the operator has an open view of the lawn to complete the job. Our riding mower has steering bars that make it easy to complete a 180-degree turn in tight spaces, including maneuvering around trees, flower gardens, and other obstacles without having to back up.

Contact Sully’s today to rent our zero-turn mower, or for those small jobs, ask us about our standard 20” push mower.

May 1, 2022

Smooth out or level a bumpy or uneven yard, smooth fresh topsoil, and press in seeds for a new lawn to improve germination—these tasks are made easier with a lawn roller from Sully’s. Our 24-inch lawn roller is a push or pull style that is compatible with a garden tractor, and at 300 pounds, is the ideal weight for most yard projects, according to lawn professionals. This unit also improves the appearance of established lawns and is ideal for setting in sod.

For tougher jobs, more uneven terrain, and expansive areas, Sully’s ride-on roller (also used for asphalt rolling) is an excellent option. This 35-inch, 1.5-ton roller has multiple applications, from leveling deep irregularities in terrain to preparing construction sites and leveling roads for paving. Contact Sully’s today to rent our push/pull lawn roller or our ride-on asphalt roller.

April 1, 2022

A primary reason for an unhealthy lawn is because water and fertilizer you are feeding it are unable to reach the roots of your grass. Aerating overcomes this problem by punching small holes through the thatch and into the soil, thereby creating an avenue for air, water, and nutrients to circulate. Even if your lawn looks reasonably healthy, it will benefit from occasional aeration, especially if it has been compacted by construction equipment or it is a sod lawn with layered soil beneath. Aeration also is recommended any time you are overseeding.

Spring is the best time to aerate your lawn, and Sully’s aerators provide solutions for small lawns or expansive yards. For small jobs, the walk behind Lawnaire V is a 28-inch gas operated unit that is easy to transport and use. For larger jobs, consider our 48-inch pull behind aerator or our 30-inch ride on aerator. Both provide an efficient means of reducing compaction to maximize root growth for a healthy, thick, green lawn.

Contact Sully’s today for details on renting an aerator this spring.

March 1, 2022

Advanced planning and beginning work in early spring on new flower and vegetable gardens are the key ways to maximize prime growing season in Northeast Ohio. Once you have mapped out the size and location of your new garden, rent your tiller from Sully’s to ensure your bed is ready for planting.

Tilling soil loosens hard ground and breaks up clumps of soil that would inhibit seed and root growth. The process of tilling creates soft, loose soil that is healthier for new plants both for weed prevention and water penetration. It also makes it easier to free up and remove rocks and debris that can interfere with planting and growth.

Sully’s tillers are available for any size job. Mid tine tillers are 5 hp with a tilling wide of 26.4 inches and rear tine tillers are 8 hp with a 20-inch tilling width. Our team of experts is on hand to help you choose the tiller that is right for your job. Call today.

February 1, 2022

Refinished and polished concrete has become a popular choice for home flooring, especially in kitchens and 3- and 4-seasons rooms, because of its durability. It’s also a great DIY project if you have a concrete floor you have opened up during a kitchen renovation, but you will need the right equipment.

Sully’s Rental has exactly what you need to grind, shape, and retexture your concrete floors. Our EDCO 50200 concrete floor grinder can be used wet or dry and can be outfitted to use on green or cured concrete, to remove hardened deposits or coatings, to clean surfaces, or to groove or render a surface slip resistant. Grinding stones of various grades can remove stains or small imperfections and can smooth and polish rough finishes, with hi-carbide steel cutters, diamonds and scarifiers also available for whatever your concrete project demands.

Grinding and polishing is done in stages to get the best results. Ask our experts about renting the EDCO concrete floor grinder and accessories that best fit your project.

December 30, 2021

For plowing Northeast Ohio’s driveways and small parking lots, a skidsteer from Sully’s Tool Rental is the choice of many for its maneuverability and traction. The design and short size of skidsteers make them extremely efficient turning in small spaces, with the ability to clear snow as quickly as a truck. An attachment plate also provides optimum pressure to scrape the pavement clean of hard packed snow and ice.

Our skidsteers have enclosed heated cabs and provide the power you need to push snow clear of your lot or the lift you need to remove snow for dumping elsewhere. Additional attachments include pushers, plow blades, buckets, and brooms.

Contact us today for more information about our skidsteers for snowplowing.

November 30, 2021

Indoor maintenance and remodeling projects can pose challenges with out-of-reach areas and tight spaces. A scissor lift can make a big difference in both ease and safety whether your project is in your home or a commercial venue. Sully’s smallest scissor lift is ideal for these indoor applications, reaching a working height of 25 feet but collapsing small enough to operate in smaller residential settings and tight commercial space.

From changing lights in a 12- to 14-foot commercial ceiling to painting a two-story residential foyer, a scissor lift provides a safe and stable platform that can hold one to two people and supplies for any project. Easily stock shelves or make ceiling repairs with equipment that also can access small spaces and fit into most construction elevators.

Scissor lifts available for rent from Sully’s range up to 38 feet in working height. Contact our team today for more information on features and rental options.

November 5, 2021

For hard-to-reach outdoor maintenance, including tree trimming and gutter cleaning, a boom lift can be a necessity. Boom lifts from Sully’s Tool Rental also are ideal for your holiday decorating projects, including those all-important Christmas lights.

Sully’s boom lifts are available in both drivable and tow-behind models with maximum working heights ranging from 43 feet to 60 feet. With reach extending up to 33 feet depending on the model, Sully’s boom lifts can make both residential and commercial projects manageable and safe. Models run on gas or electric with outriggers and basket lifting capacity of 500 lbs.

If you are completing tree pruning projects or planning your holiday decorating including hanging Christmas lights, contact Sully’s today to rent the boom lift that fits your project.

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