December 30, 2021

For plowing Northeast Ohio’s driveways and small parking lots, a skidsteer from Sully’s Tool Rental is the choice of many for its maneuverability and traction. The design and short size of skidsteers make them extremely efficient turning in small spaces, with the ability to clear snow as quickly as a truck. An attachment plate also provides optimum pressure to scrape the pavement clean of hard packed snow and ice.

Our skidsteers have enclosed heated cabs and provide the power you need to push snow clear of your lot or the lift you need to remove snow for dumping elsewhere. Additional attachments include pushers, plow blades, buckets, and brooms.

Contact us today for more information about our skidsteers for snowplowing.

November 30, 2021

Indoor maintenance and remodeling projects can pose challenges with out-of-reach areas and tight spaces. A scissor lift can make a big difference in both ease and safety whether your project is in your home or a commercial venue. Sully’s smallest scissor lift is ideal for these indoor applications, reaching a working height of 25 feet but collapsing small enough to operate in smaller residential settings and tight commercial space.

From changing lights in a 12- to 14-foot commercial ceiling to painting a two-story residential foyer, a scissor lift provides a safe and stable platform that can hold one to two people and supplies for any project. Easily stock shelves or make ceiling repairs with equipment that also can access small spaces and fit into most construction elevators.

Scissor lifts available for rent from Sully’s range up to 38 feet in working height. Contact our team today for more information on features and rental options.

November 5, 2021

For hard-to-reach outdoor maintenance, including tree trimming and gutter cleaning, a boom lift can be a necessity. Boom lifts from Sully’s Tool Rental also are ideal for your holiday decorating projects, including those all-important Christmas lights.

Sully’s boom lifts are available in both drivable and tow-behind models with maximum working heights ranging from 43 feet to 60 feet. With reach extending up to 33 feet depending on the model, Sully’s boom lifts can make both residential and commercial projects manageable and safe. Models run on gas or electric with outriggers and basket lifting capacity of 500 lbs.

If you are completing tree pruning projects or planning your holiday decorating including hanging Christmas lights, contact Sully’s today to rent the boom lift that fits your project.

September 8, 2021

Take control of irrigation blow out season with a 185 cfm air compressor from Sully’s Tool Rental. These portable diesel-powered compressors provide 80 to 125 psi to handle residential, commercial, even golf course sprinkler systems.

Winterizing irrigation systems is crucial to protecting pipes from damage due to residual water that can remain in the pipes and freeze during cold weather. The 185 air compressor provides the flow rate needed to clear water from low points and voids within an irrigation system.

For landscapers winterizing multiple small and large irrigation systems, the 185 air compressor makes it easy to provide thorough and efficient service to every client. It also is a great choice for any job or construction site in which air-powered equipment is needed.

Contact Sully’s today for more information about renting the 185 air compressor.

August 3, 2021

For construction jobs, demolitions, and maximum digging and lifting power, an excavator is a must. Sully’s Tool Rental has excavators and attachments designed to fit the specific needs of your project, from digging trenches to lifting and removing soil, rocks, and debris so your site is ready for building.

Our crawler style excavators feature rotating cabs, buckets, arm reach, and grading blades. Available in 7’, 10’ and 12’ 7” digging depths, you choose the size and features you need to tackle open demolition, digging, and grading as well as crowded or narrow spaces while minimizing ground damage. A hydraulic thumb attachment also is available to provide holding and moving power for debris that is inaccessible with the bucket.

Contact Sully’s today for more details about our excavators and skid steers for all your demolition, digging, and grading projects.

July 1, 2021

For maintaining a roadway or parking lot or for work at a construction site, an asphalt roller provides efficiency on any project. Sully’s Tool Rental offers a 1.5 ton, 35-inch ride-on unit that is easy to steer and maneuver even in tight spaces.

Sometimes called a road roller or roller-compactor, this specially designed compact vehicle is suitable for compacting asphalt for roads or parking lots, but also a great choice for compacting soil, gravel and concrete. Whether you are prepping an area for road installation, foundations or other construction, or you simply need to pack a lot of soil into limited space, the road roller is up to the task and will make your job easier.

Sully’s asphalt roller available for rent features a roller-vibratory smooth drum, a 50-gallon water tank, and 35% gradeability. It is gas powered with a fuel tank capacity of 6 gallons. Call today!

June 3, 2021

Primary goals on any job site include working efficiently and reducing the risk of worker strain and/or injury. The concrete buggy, a relatively new piece of equipment in the market of hauling, accomplishes both.

Concrete buggies provide an ideal solution to the problem of hauling and dumping concrete and mud on a job site. Available in both wheeled and track configurations, they replace the need for wheel barrowing these heavy loads over significant distances and often over uneven terrain. They move more material in one trip, move it more quickly, and dump it with ease.

Sully’s wheeled concrete buggy features a 13 HP gas engine, 16 CF bucket size and payload of 2,500 lbs.

Also available is the rubber tracks concrete buggy, featuring a gas engine and a payload of 2,200 lbs. and 16 CF.

Keep the following advantages in mind as you consider which concrete buggy best fits your needs:

  • For large job sites that have mostly paved or firm, consistent surfaces, the wheeled concrete buggy provides excellent performance and efficiency at a lower rental price.
  • For job sites that consist of soft and/or wet conditions, uneven terrain, and remote areas, the rubber tracked concrete buggy will perform much better than the wheeled buggy.

Contact Sully’s today for details on how the concrete buggy can help increase speed and safety on your job site.

May 4, 2021

From tear off to completed installation, roofing is made easier with the Equipter RB 4000. Available for immediate rental, this must-have tool dramatically speeds up any roofing project.

The Equipter RB 4000 features a 13-horsepower engine and a 12-foot lift, making it ideal for removing tons of roofing debris as well as lifting heavy tools and shingles up to the roof. RB 4000 also has a tight turning radius, even weight distribution, and a four-foot rollback feature, allowing you to navigate tight spots and position the container over landscaping and shrubbery. You reduce the risk of damage to flower beds and Equipter doesn’t leave ruts in your client’s lawn.

Your roofing jobs are completed quickly and efficiently with cleanup taking a fraction of the time. The Equipter container holds nearly 4,000 pounds and is simple to unload with a hydraulic tailgate.

Contact Sully’s Tool Rental today to learn more about renting Equipter RB 4000.

April 5, 2021

For spring landscaping projects, choose the Brown model F704 bed master to make quick work of edging and bed sculpting. This 8 HP unit from Sully’s Tool can edge or trench from 10 to 30 feet per minute, making this otherwise back-breaking job a breeze.

The Brown Bed Master is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making curves, slopes and tight spaces accessible and providing expert results even for the DIY landscaper. For straight lines, smooth curves and consistent trench depth, the machine is an ideal addition to your spring landscaping projects. This model will trench to a depth of 4 inches, or, with a dog blade attachment, will cut a trench ½ inch wide and 9 inches deep.

Whether you are completing a new flower bed or trenching for water lines or wiring, contact Sully’s for details on renting the Brown Bed Master.

February 1, 2021

A scissor lift can be used anywhere you would need a ladder or scaffolding, but it provides the extra safety and convenience of an enclosed platform that can lift to your chosen working height multiple workers and equipment.

Sully’s scissor lifts are available in multiple sizes with working heights beginning at 19 feet for smaller models and extending to 38 feet for larger models. Platforms on our various models have different weight limits and extend for a larger surface that accommodates workers and equipment.

For both residential and commercial applications, scissor lifts provide the reach and stability that ladders and scaffolding cannot, whether you are pruning trees, repairing windows or siding, inspecting wiring, or painting. They also are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Call Sully’s for a full description of features and rental options.

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