September 8, 2021

At Sully’s Party Rental, our goal is to ensure you have exactly what you need for any event. For outdoor parties, weddings, festivals, and more, a tent is critical, but not every tent is right for every venue.

Our experts are always available to work with you when it comes to choosing a tent for your event. We supply frame tents and pole tents (also called canopies). How the space will be used, the amount of available space for the tent, and whether the surface is pavement or grass are all important considerations when choosing a tent.

Check out the following features and considerations and contact our team for guidance on your frame tent or pole tent.

Pole tents

Pole tents are great for short-term events such as parties, weddings, and festivals, because they are easy to set up and take down. Tension between stakes on the outside of the tent and center poles keeps them erect. Although the center poles can block views, they also can lend themselves to additional decoration with vines, drapes, or flowers. Because these tents must be staked, your venue must be grass with additional space for the ropes.

Pros and cons

  • Set up is relatively easy, but surface must be grass to allow staking of the tent
  • Available space must be larger than the tent itself to allow for stakes and ropes
  • Attractive exterior profile
  • Center poles may limit set up options for interior
  • Generally less expensive to rent


Frame tents

Frame tents are more versatile than pole tents because they do not require staking. The framework itself provides structure for the tent, so they can be erected on grass or pavement with concrete blocks to secure them, making the overall footprint only slightly larger than the tent itself. With no center poles, interior set up has no obstructions. However, setting up the tent is more difficult and involves more parts and some heavy lifting.

Pros and cons

  • May be used on any surface and where space is somewhat limited because of its frame and smaller footprint
  • No center poles to obstruct views or limit interior set up options
  • Visible interior pole structure can be covered with draping
  • Tend to be more expensive because of labor and parts needed for set up


Our frame and pole tents are available in multiple sizes and may be accessorized with sidewalls and lighting to provide the atmosphere you desire for your event. Call Sully’s today for information and guidance on the best tent for your event.



August 3, 2021

The upcoming school year and fall sports season promises to be a lot more normal this year. Your kick-off picnic for returning students, meet-and-greet gatherings for new clubs and organizations, and support activities for fall sports are too important to risk weather ruining your outdoor plans.

Sully’s Rental has a tent to fit your plans, from a small information post outside the school building for new club members to check in to large kick-off picnics at the community park or a celebration of the first football game of the year.

With Sully’s, you can hold that parking lot tailgate before the home football games or invite the whole school to the kick-off picnic. Choose from tents that are compatible for location on grass or pavement, with optional accessories that allow for that unexpected cool day or pop-up storm. Sidewalls provide a comfortable space to set up food and beverages. Keep those cool temps out with a space heater and ensure seating for everyone with tables and chairs from Sully’s.

Outdoor events remain the best option for students and families, as most communities continue to encourage thoughtful gatherings that include some care taken for open air and social distancing. Your Sully’s tent can provide the open air you need with protection from light rain or extreme heat.

From 20’ by 20’ canopy tents to large pole and frame tents, Sully’s has you covered. Call today for more information about tent rental as well as set up and tear down services.

November 11, 2020

Gathering even a medium sized group of family members inside your home for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners and gift giving may be risky this season. Gathering outdoors, however, may provide the safety you need to be able to spend some time with loved ones this holiday season.

Is a late fall or winter outdoor event possible in Northeast Ohio? Consider the possibility with a heated tent and some advanced prep. Sully’s Party Rental has what you need.

Choose your tent

Your tent should be large enough to accommodate your guests with some extra room so it is not crowded and it will be well ventilated. Decide on the best location for your tent – grass or pavement – considering weather conditions.

At Sully’s, easy to set up tents are available for your lawn or driveway. Sidewalls will be a must, and ours are available in solid panels or with windows. You choose your style and we can help with set up, including securely anchoring your walls top and bottom to keep out those cold gusts.

Choose your heater

The size of the heater you will need is based upon the size of your tent. Our staff can help you calculate your best options to keep your tent comfortable inside even if it is cold outside.

Sully’s heaters available for rent come in a full range of sizes up to 85,000 BTU. Heaters operate on propane or propane and electricity and are safe to run with proper ventilation. Whether you choose a larger heater or two smaller units, propane heat will keep your guests comfortable. Our team can also help with portable deck heaters that can provide additional radiant heat for your outdoor event. Ask our experts for guidance to be sure you have enough propane to fuel your event from start to finish.

What else you may need

You may want to consider a floor for your tent to protect from the cold radiating from the ground or to provide stability if you are placing your tent on grass. Sully’s has event decking that will provide the protection you need.

Don’t limit your invitations by your available seating or place settings. Sully’s can provide all the tables, chairs, china and linens you need for any size event.

If you are planning an outdoor event, Sully’s can help with all your tent and heating needs as fall and winter temperatures set in. Call today for estimates and guidance on how to best plan your event.

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