Formal, casual, large or small, your options are endless if you rent a tent for your party, gathering or celebration. Here are the top reasons why a tent from Sully’s Rental should be at the top of your list of must-haves for your next party.

  • Keep it outdoors – For a healthier venue and a picturesque setting, having your party outdoors is a great option. Your tent from Sully’s allows you to take advantage of the open air while protecting guests from the elements, from heat to rain to cold. Let foliage, a sunset, or falling snowflakes be your backdrop.
  • You’re ready for anything – Mother Nature is known for messing with outdoor plans. Your tent provides cover if it rains, shade if it’s unexpectedly hot, and options for enclosing your space and adding a heater if it’s cold.
  • Dress it up or down – Unlike a party center or casual church hall, your tent is a blank space that can be easily decorated for a formal event or a casual backyard party. Choose from Sully’s wide array of options in draping and lighting, as well as linen, chair covers, even an arch lattice and matching guestbook stand.
  • You decide on number of guests – Why settle for a hall or party center simply because it’s the right size for your guest list? Sully’s tents are available in the size you need for the guest list you have settled on, from an intimate gathering to a large wedding reception.
  • Party when you want – Set up a Sully’s tent in your yard and your party begins and ends when you choose. At Sully’s you can arrange delivery or pickup, help with setting up or tearing down your tent, and pickup or return of all your rented items.
  • The ultimate in flexibility – You can choose the location and the configuration for your party when you use a tent. Sully’s offers pole tents and frame tents so you can set up on grass or pavement. Use our handy resources to decide on table layouts and party seating for any of our tents.

Your party is our priority. Work with our party-planning team to determine the tent and accessories that best fit your plans, including Thanksgiving and holiday parties. Consider the following for your upcoming event:

  • Sidewalls and heaters to keep out the cold
  • Centerpieces and matching linens to set the mood
  • China, flatware, and stemware
  • Serving trays and buffet needs
  • Full bar service

Contact Sully’s today for to plan your next party or celebration.