September 1, 2022

Fall is an ideal time to thicken up your lawn by overseeding, but experts agree dethatching is a good first step to get maximum germination. Sully’s has the equipment you need to ensure you get the best results from your work.

Thatch protects your lawn by maintaining the moisture and drainage it needs to thrive throughout the growing season, but over time this layer of dead grass and roots can get too thick. If you plan to overseed, heavy thatch will impede germination. Before overseeding, check your lawn for a spongy feel and dethatch if the layer is ¾ inch or more in thickness. Sully’s thatcher, 22 inches wide and featuring a 5.5 HP motor with adjustable handle, is ideal for dethatching large lawns, especially those thicker thatch layers that will interfere with overseeding.

For best results, complete your project with Sully’s gas self-propelled overseeder, which features a front hopper that drops and pushes seed through remaining thatch. Ensure grass height is 2 inches and conditions are dry to get the most from your overseeding.

Contact Sully’s for more information about renting a thatcher and overseeder for your fall lawn projects.

September 8, 2021

Take control of irrigation blow out season with a 185 cfm air compressor from Sully’s Tool Rental. These portable diesel-powered compressors provide 80 to 125 psi to handle residential, commercial, even golf course sprinkler systems.

Winterizing irrigation systems is crucial to protecting pipes from damage due to residual water that can remain in the pipes and freeze during cold weather. The 185 air compressor provides the flow rate needed to clear water from low points and voids within an irrigation system.

For landscapers winterizing multiple small and large irrigation systems, the 185 air compressor makes it easy to provide thorough and efficient service to every client. It also is a great choice for any job or construction site in which air-powered equipment is needed.

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September 8, 2020

Fall maintenance usually involves some tree cleanup that is beyond the reach of even the longest ladder or tree pruning tool. Whether you are a DIYer or you have expanded your landscaping services, Sully’s boom and scissor lifts provide the reach you need to handle fall tree pruning and dead-wooding.

Scissor lifts include platform extensions with capacity and space that will accommodate the tools you need for your job. Models available provide working heights of 19 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet or 38 feet.

Boom lifts run on gas or electric with outriggers and basket lifting capacity of 500 lbs. Models available provide working heights of 43 feet, 50 feet or 60 feet.

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