October 12, 2020

Autumn and winter tree work usually means chipping the remains for disposal or mulch or splitting wood for use in an outdoor or indoor fireplace. Either way, having the right equipment makes your work easier. Sully’s Tool Rental has chippers and log splitters appropriate for big jobs and small.

A few inches of wood chips can be the perfect insulator for plant roots weathering a cold winter, so turning those excess limbs into mulch should be a priority. Sully’s has wood chippers with a 7-inch capacity or a 12-inch capacity. Chippers run on either gas or diesel and renters should confirm towing hookups before arranging for pick-up.

Sully’s log splitter can handle vertical and horizontal splitting and log lengths up to 24 inches, creating perfectly sized firewood for indoor and outdoor use. This unit is towable with a 2-inch ball at 55 mph or less.

Contact us today for more information about renting wood chippers and log splitters for your fall and winter projects.

September 30, 2019

Fall maintenance, winterizing with air compressor

It is the time of year to begin preparing your home and yard for the winter months. This means completing projects you may have put off, such as building that tool bench or finishing exterior repairs on your deck, house or garage.

If you have water features in your yard, a sprinkler system or a pool or spa, you will need to winterize water pumps and lines to protect them from freezing.

An air compressor can make your job easier no matter what items are on your maintenance list. Air compressors will power a wide variety of air tools, from jack hammers to grease guns. Since home repairs and winterizing can mean needing everything from a socket wrench to a drill driver, an air compressor can make all the difference in your efficiency.

Protecting water lines and pumps in sprinkler systems and pools means draining them completely before temperatures drop to freezing. While the pipes can be drained manually, blowing out the pipes with an air compressor is recommended to ensure the pipes are protected. Once the water is turned off, an air compressor connected to the water line will effectively clear the pipes of all water.

When using an air compressor, it is important to check the psi limits on your air powered tools and to confirm the type of water lines running to your sprinkler system and pool to determine appropriate psi that can safely be used.

Sully’s offers for rent a 185 cfm towable air compressor that will handle everything from powering your air tools to blowing out water lines, making it easy for you to finish all your fall projects. Diesel powered with a psi range of 80 to 125, it provides convenience even in rural settings.

Check with our experts to get tips on using a variety of tools and an air compressor from Sully’s to winterize your home and yard this fall.

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