June 1, 2022

For the biggest lawn jobs, a zero-turn mower can save any homeowner or landscaper a lot of time and provide an excellent cut. Our 52” zero-turn lawn mower provides efficient service for any residential or commercial setting.

Large zero-turn mowers cover significantly more ground in a short time over a standard mower. With 52 inches of width and the engine located in the back, the operator has an open view of the lawn to complete the job. Our riding mower has steering bars that make it easy to complete a 180-degree turn in tight spaces, including maneuvering around trees, flower gardens, and other obstacles without having to back up.

Contact Sully’s today to rent our zero-turn mower, or for those small jobs, ask us about our standard 20” push mower.

June 3, 2021

Primary goals on any job site include working efficiently and reducing the risk of worker strain and/or injury. The concrete buggy, a relatively new piece of equipment in the market of hauling, accomplishes both.

Concrete buggies provide an ideal solution to the problem of hauling and dumping concrete and mud on a job site. Available in both wheeled and track configurations, they replace the need for wheel barrowing these heavy loads over significant distances and often over uneven terrain. They move more material in one trip, move it more quickly, and dump it with ease.

Sully’s wheeled concrete buggy features a 13 HP gas engine, 16 CF bucket size and payload of 2,500 lbs.

Also available is the rubber tracks concrete buggy, featuring a gas engine and a payload of 2,200 lbs. and 16 CF.

Keep the following advantages in mind as you consider which concrete buggy best fits your needs:

  • For large job sites that have mostly paved or firm, consistent surfaces, the wheeled concrete buggy provides excellent performance and efficiency at a lower rental price.
  • For job sites that consist of soft and/or wet conditions, uneven terrain, and remote areas, the rubber tracked concrete buggy will perform much better than the wheeled buggy.

Contact Sully’s today for details on how the concrete buggy can help increase speed and safety on your job site.

June 4, 2020

Warm weather usually means outdoor projects, including repairing water lines or running electrical connections for landscaping lights or hot tubs. Digging the needed trenches can be hard, hot work. Save your back and save time by renting a trencher from Sully’s Tool Rental.

Trenchers dig into even hard soil and cut through roots, easily creating a trench that is the right width and depth for your project. For small projects in narrow spaces or bigger projects, such as installing drainage pipes in your yard, the right trencher will make the job easier.

Sully’s Tool Rental offers a walk-behind model that trenches to a two-foot depth and can access smaller spaces. For larger projects, a trencher attachment for Sully’s mini skidsteer will trench to a three-foot depth and is available for rent, with specifications included for use with the skidsteer.

Contact us for more details on renting trenchers and skidsteers for excavating.

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