Advanced planning and beginning work in early spring on new flower and vegetable gardens are the key ways to maximize prime growing season in Northeast Ohio. Once you have mapped out the size and location of your new garden, rent your tiller from Sully’s to ensure your bed is ready for planting.

Tilling soil loosens hard ground and breaks up clumps of soil that would inhibit seed and root growth. The process of tilling creates soft, loose soil that is healthier for new plants both for weed prevention and water penetration. It also makes it easier to free up and remove rocks and debris that can interfere with planting and growth.

Sully’s tillers are available for any size job. Mid tine tillers are 5 hp with a tilling wide of 26.4 inches and rear tine tillers are 8 hp with a 20-inch tilling width. Our team of experts is on hand to help you choose the tiller that is right for your job. Call today.