Indoor maintenance and remodeling projects can pose challenges with out-of-reach areas and tight spaces. A scissor lift can make a big difference in both ease and safety whether your project is in your home or a commercial venue. Sully’s smallest scissor lift is ideal for these indoor applications, reaching a working height of 25 feet but collapsing small enough to operate in smaller residential settings and tight commercial space.

From changing lights in a 12- to 14-foot commercial ceiling to painting a two-story residential foyer, a scissor lift provides a safe and stable platform that can hold one to two people and supplies for any project. Easily stock shelves or make ceiling repairs with equipment that also can access small spaces and fit into most construction elevators.

Scissor lifts available for rent from Sully’s range up to 38 feet in working height. Contact our team today for more information on features and rental options.