Smooth out or level a bumpy or uneven yard, smooth fresh topsoil, and press in seeds for a new lawn to improve germination—these tasks are made easier with a lawn roller from Sully’s. Our 24-inch lawn roller is a push or pull style that is compatible with a garden tractor, and at 300 pounds, is the ideal weight for most yard projects, according to lawn professionals. This unit also improves the appearance of established lawns and is ideal for setting in sod.

For tougher jobs, more uneven terrain, and expansive areas, Sully’s ride-on roller (also used for asphalt rolling) is an excellent option. This 35-inch, 1.5-ton roller has multiple applications, from leveling deep irregularities in terrain to preparing construction sites and leveling roads for paving. Contact Sully’s today to rent our push/pull lawn roller or our ride-on asphalt roller.