For construction jobs, demolitions, and maximum digging and lifting power, an excavator is a must. Sully’s Tool Rental has excavators and attachments designed to fit the specific needs of your project, from digging trenches to lifting and removing soil, rocks, and debris so your site is ready for building.

Our crawler style excavators feature rotating cabs, buckets, arm reach, and grading blades. Available in 7’, 10’ and 12’ 7” digging depths, you choose the size and features you need to tackle open demolition, digging, and grading as well as crowded or narrow spaces while minimizing ground damage. A hydraulic thumb attachment also is available to provide holding and moving power for debris that is inaccessible with the bucket.

Contact Sully’s today for more details about our excavators and skid steers for all your demolition, digging, and grading projects.