Refinished and polished concrete has become a popular choice for home flooring, especially in kitchens and 3- and 4-seasons rooms, because of its durability. It’s also a great DIY project if you have a concrete floor you have opened up during a kitchen renovation, but you will need the right equipment.

Sully’s Rental has exactly what you need to grind, shape, and retexture your concrete floors. Our EDCO 50200 concrete floor grinder can be used wet or dry and can be outfitted to use on green or cured concrete, to remove hardened deposits or coatings, to clean surfaces, or to groove or render a surface slip resistant. Grinding stones of various grades can remove stains or small imperfections and can smooth and polish rough finishes, with hi-carbide steel cutters, diamonds and scarifiers also available for whatever your concrete project demands.

Grinding and polishing is done in stages to get the best results. Ask our experts about renting the EDCO concrete floor grinder and accessories that best fit your project.