Setting a mood, enhancing colors and settings, or simply adding a “wow” factor to an event is easy with draping and backdrops that are customized specifically to your gathering and purpose.

Sully’s Party Rental now offers tent draping and backdrops for rent, including a variety of colors and textures, lengths in varying heights, and full planning and installation services so that your event is expertly set with the mood and atmosphere you desire. Draping can create a stunning effect when packaged with lighting and sheer color draping, and custom backdrops create an elegance and focal point for a head table, guest of honor, or ceremony.

Package your choice of fabric in sheers, opaques, silks, and/or sheens with string lights, greenery, ties, and sashes in a full complement of colors, styles, and lengths to create your custom design.

Consider the following options available from Sully’s Party Rental:

  • Tent and ceiling draping – Enhance a theme, add elegance or intimacy to your event, or make your guests forget they are in a tent with draping swags that lower your tent ceiling and full liners that can completely hide the interior structure.
  • Backdrops – For your head table, staging for a band or a presentation, your buffet or drink section, and more, backdrops will bring the focal point of your event where you want it, enhance the atmosphere of your gathering, or simply “dress up” plain walls.
  • Ceremony draping – An arch, arbor or canopy out in the open or under cover and designed to be as simple or ornate as you choose, is the perfect addition to your wedding or any ceremony.

At Sully’s, we provide the items and services you need for events including fund raisers, trade shows, company parties, graduation parties, awards ceremonies, weddings, anniversary celebrations, and more.

Why add draping?

You can choose and create your look and feel for any event.

  • Soften edges or create custom walls and ceiling.
  • Drape floor to ceiling to create height; use opaque colors to make a large space feel more cozy.
  • Choose single colors in sheers and enhance the atmosphere with candlelight or string lights.
  • Create a whimsical theme by draping a single pole from ceiling center to walls.

Call Sully’s today to learn more about our new tent draping and backdrop rentals and services. Talk to our professionals to learn how we can help create your custom look.