Whether your home is small, or you feel more comfortable bringing your family and friends together in open air, Sully’s has the answer for combating the cold. Holiday and winter parties in outdoor venues can be a great opportunity to enjoy what winter has to offer. Just keep the heat turned up.

Your open air setting

Many families continue to take care when planning both small and large gatherings through the holidays and the cold weather months. With the right heating unit, your options can range from a cleaned up and brightly lit garage to your backyard deck or gazebo. Wherever you gather, portable heaters will take the chill off and allow guests to gather in comfort.

  • Propane heaters – Sully’s has multiple types and sizes of propane heaters that provide clean-burning and reliable heat for any open air space, garage or detached barn setting. Our team can help you choose an appropriate style of heater for your space and let you know whether you need more than one.
  • Patio heaters – Radiant patio heaters are ideal for taking the chill off a deck or patio space. Sully’s patio heaters operate with propane tanks and provide a both reliable and attractive heat source for your outdoor space. We can advise you on your rental based on the size of your deck or patio.

Take your outdoor party one step further with a tent from Sully’s that will transform your backyard into the perfect venue. Tent heaters strategically positioned with partially lowered sidewalls can keep guests comfortable and allow you to incorporate the crisp and magical feel of a winter day and the ventilation many are seeking.

Contact Sully’s today for all your heating options and everything else you need for festive holiday and winter celebrations.