Cooler weather is a great invitation to tackle those yard projects you put off during the heat of the summer. Why not rebuild that old deck or spruce up that landscaping with a bit of trimming and some protective mulch? From construction projects to tree pruning and debris clearing, having the right equipment can make any home improvement or fall cleanup job easier.

Don’t guess on what you need to get the job done right. Sully’s Rental has tools and equipment for demolition, grading, cutting, chipping, and hauling away. Consider renting a wide variety of items to help with any project at your home.

Excavators and skidsteers

For demolition and construction or basic leveling and grading projects, Sully’s excavators and skidsteers are available in varied sizes and styles so you can have your space ready for anything from a paver patio to a retaining wall.

Our excavators dig to depths of 7’, 10’, and 12.7’ and feature rotating cabs (open or closed), buckets, arm reach, and grading blades, as well as a thumb option compatible with the 10’ and 12.7’ units. Or target a smaller job with Sully’s skidsteers. Choose from tire or rubber track skidsteers for maximum control and stability on level or uneven ground, or the mini skidsteer that easily accesses tight spaces. Skidsteers feature a zero-degree turn radius and a variety of attachments so you can dig, grade, and backfill.

If you are ready to start that fall project now, contact Sully’s for information about our September special on excavators and skidsteers.

Boom Lifts

If tree pruning is on your To Do List this fall, a boom lift from Sully’s will ensure you reach the highest branches, featuring working heights from 43 feet to 60 feet. Sully’s offers gas and electric boom lifts with outriggers and basket lifting capacity of 500 lbs.

Whether you are pruning in hard-to-reach places or taking down an entire tree, Sully’s boom lifts make the job manageable and safe.

Thinking about gutter cleaning or hanging holiday lights? Yes, Sully’s boom lifts are great for these jobs too!

Log Splitters and Chippers

Once the tree is down, the debris can present a bigger problem, but not with Sully’s to help out! Rent log splitters and chippers from Sully’s to finish the job, protect your yard, and enjoy the cool weather.

Chippers from Sully’s come in 7- and 12-inch capacity and run on gas or diesel, allowing you to turn medium sized and large limbs into mulch that provides insulation for shrubs and perennials during the cold winter months. A few inches of mulch also keeps your flowerbeds neat and ready for spring planting.

For the larger remains of your downed tree, use Sully’s 20-ton log splitter for both vertical and horizontal splitting of logs up to 24 inches long and 12 inches in diameter or larger. Your finished work will provide fuel for your fall bonfires and cozy fires in your fireplace through the winter.

Dump Trailers

Whatever your fall project, odds are there will be debris to haul away. Sully’s Appalachian dump trailer can handle all your debris and yard waste, from remnants of that old deck to brush, branches, and trimmings. Our 8,500-pound capacity dump trailer features 2-foot sides, a combination tailgate, and hydraulic dump.

Working on tree trimming, log splitting, and chipping? Our dump trailer is the perfect companion for moving logs and branches from site to splitter and chipper and then hauling split wood to storage and mulch to flowerbeds. Work smart, not hard, with a dump trailer from Sully’s.

Call today to reserve the tools you need for finishing your fall yard projects. Sully’s makes the job easier!