Concrete Floor Grinder (Electric)


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  • Model – #SEC-NG
  • 1.5 hp,115/230 volt
  • Weight – 188 LBS
  • L-42″ x W-21 1/4″ x H-37″
  • Can be used wet or dry

Grinding Stones – Use on green concrete.  Remove trowel marks, rain spots, excess concrete less than 1/16″.  Rough finishes remove up to 1/16″ at rate approx. 500 sq. ft/hr.

Hi-Carbide Cutters – Remove hardened deposits of material such as fiberglass, ice, rubber, or thin mastic.

Diamonds – Use on cured concrete.  Remove rough finish, rain spots, large volume projects, paints, epoxy, and urethane coatings.

Scarifiers – Remove coatings, cleans surfaces, grooving walkways to make slip resistant, light or heavy milling (not recommended for grease or gooey substances).