Cinco de Mayo—the Fifth of May—is celebrated by many as an annual tribute to Mexican heritage and pride. Your celebration can be as detailed and unique as you like, or it can simply be a reason to gather, eat and dance.

But why make it basic? There are many interesting ideas for making your Cinco de Mayo just a little more special and a little less stressful. From food and beverages to decorations and music, get some help from your friends to put together the perfect fiesta.

Make it a potluck

Planning and executing a Mexican menu can be a big job for the host, so get your guests involved. Plan an extensive taco bar and ask guests to bring the parts. Include many varieties of meets and toppings, choices for hard and soft shells and wraps, and many options for salsa, guacamole and bean dip. Recipes abound for these items, so let your guests be creative.

If your preference is for a variety of foods, assign your guests dishes in categories, such as appetizer, salad, main dish and dessert, with directions that they stick with a Mexican theme. With so many variations on authentic Mexican dishes you are sure to get a variety that will suit all tastes.

For the perfect Mexican beverage bonanza, plan a margarita tasting and ask guests to bring ingredients for their favorite flavor of margarita. Don’t forget the frozen variety, an easy option with a frozen margarita machine rented from Sully’s!

Make it a costume party

Keep decorations at a minimum and let your guests provide the color by planning a costume party. Your guests’ unique array of Mexican dress will brighten up any venue and provide opportunity for discussion, comparison and even a contest.

Make it about music and dancing

Hire a mariachi band to roam your party and entertain guests with authentic salsa and Latin tunes. You might also consider hiring a dance instructor to provide mini lessons in salsa, samba, rumba and other traditional Mexican dances. Lessons could be followed by a dance contest to keep your guests on top of their steps.

Dance floors and sound equipment are available for rental from Sully’s.

Make it easy

Are you planning a fiesta for Cinco de Mayo? There are a lot of details that go into making it an authentic celebration of Mexican heritage, so focus on those details and rely on Sully’s Party Rental for those all-important party supplies.

Whatever your plan, venue or number of guests, Sully’s has tables, chairs, table and beverage service, serving pieces, tents and lighting, heating and sound equipment to make your set up easy and your party perfect. Call today for details and pricing.