If you have been tasked with planning a school or community gathering, a company holiday party, a fall wedding, or the family Christmas or New Year’s celebration, renting the items needed to entertain a group, including tables, chairs, and serving items, is probably on the top of your list.

Where do linens fit in on that rental list? At Sully’s, we suggest including them at the top for convenience, budget, and peace of mind.

Renting vs. buying linens

With online purchasing options so readily available, buying the linens you need for a big event or holiday party can seem both easy and economical, but renting tablecloths, napkins, and runners presents several advantages.

  • Linens are event ready – Sully’s provides your linens laundered, pressed, and ready to use. Purchased linens will need to be ironed or steamed to remove creases from shipping and may even need laundering before use to remove factory odors.
  • Reuse or resale may not be a savings – Keeping tablecloths to reuse or resell means ensuring they are clean. Dry cleaning costs can be significant, and even if yours are washable, assume at least a couple will be lost to stains that do not wash out. Since you will typically get only about half the original price in resale, you may find you don’t save any money by buying your linens.
  • Size, color, and style options – While choices can be limited when you are buying from a vendor or online, at Sully’s you have a wide range of choices in size and shape of tablecloth as well as colors, materials, and textures. Check our website for swatches!
  • Customize with accessories – Sully’s offers coordinating accessories, including table runners, chair covers, chair sashes, and table skirts to customize your event, all at reasonable rental prices and provided event ready for your convenience.

Let Sully’s do the work!

Even for small or medium sized events and gatherings, Sully’s linen rental and service means being ready for set up, enjoying your event, and easy clean up – simply gather the linens and return them.

For any event, renting linens from Sully’s means less stress in the planning and an opportunity to customize and decorate with colors, styles, and accessories.

Rent everything you need for your holiday gatherings:

  • Tables and chairs; we’ll help with numbers and layout.
  • China, flatware, glassware, and serving pieces.
  • Ready-to-use linens in a range of colors and styles.
  • Options available for every budget.

Contact Sully’s today for information on planning your upcoming event.