Safe celebrating this summer will be primarily outside. From graduation celebrations to birthday parties to Independence Day festivities, this will mean dealing with the summer heat that we all know is coming.

Sprinklers, water balloons and frozen desserts are all go-to solutions for those hot days, but Sully’s Party Rental has other great options for keeping your guests safe and cool during your upcoming outdoor celebrations.

No air conditioning? No problem!

Cool air movers can lower the ambient air temperature by 10 to 25 degrees depending on the size and design of the space. This means the tent in your backyard can provide more than shade for your guests. A cool air mover situated within the tent evaporates water and creates a breeze of cool air, making the whole area more comfortable.

Sully’s offers a three-speed unit that will cool an area up to 1,350 square feet. Get your tent and optional side panels from Sully’s as well and your party will be the coolest in the neighborhood.

Keep cold beverages handy

Cold water and other beverages are a must for a warm outdoor party but keeping them cold and accessible can be a challenge. This summer skip the hassle and concern of guests having to dig through coolers for their beverage of choice by displaying them on an ice table.

Sully’s 6-foot ice table provides three inches of depth and easy access so guests can quickly see what is available. Not only is this a safer way for your guests to serve themselves, it provides an attractive beverage display that you can easily replenish throughout the day.

As Ohio reopens and families look to celebrate high school and college graduations, weddings, and traditional summer holidays, turn to Sully’s for solutions that make these parties fun, safe and comfortable for everyone. Call today for details on rentals of all the supplies you need for your outdoor party.