The perfect graduation party is the one that conveys your graduate’s personality and provides maximum fun. There are many venues you could choose, from church halls to party centers, but the at-home backyard party is often the most conducive to the kind of relaxing celebration you seek.

Worried about the details involved in hosting the perfect party? A check list is all you need to go beyond the must-haves and host a party to be remembered.

  • Pick a date and a theme and stick to it. Understand that every senior in your child’s class is planning a party, so focus on your own priorities and don’t worry about theirs.

  • Decide on size and numbers that are realistic for your yard or whatever section of your home will be the entertainment space.

  • Get the invitations out. Use pictures, make it special and give your guests time to get it on their calendars and post it on their kitchen corkboards.

  • Establish a menu that fits your theme and the experience you want for your guests. Be sure to consider snacks, appetizers, main course, desserts or cake, and beverages, including bar service. Full or partial catering may be the way to make your party manageable.

  • Decide what you will need to rent to accommodate your plan, including tents, tables, chairs, table service, buffet service, heating and lighting.

  • Don’t forget to record the memories! Designate a trusted friend or family member to get pictures or hire a photographer.

Once you get through your must-haves check list, you will be able to take a look at some extras that can boost the party experience. Go elegant and green with color matched linen table cloths from your party rental service. They can also provide a variety of matching decorations that mean less work for you.

Finalize your menu to include some servers, full bar service and a concession machine or two. Choose beverage dispensers rather than cans and bottles for less trash and a classy touch.

Make your party special with display tools, table runners and lighting that celebrate your graduate and highlight his or her accomplishments. At Sully’s Party rental, we have everything you need to put the finishing touch on your graduation party and remove the stress from hosting at home.

Call today for details about our graduation packages that provide one stop shopping for the perfect party.