Warming weather means it’s time to get your lawn and gardens ready for a summer of lush growth and beauty. Whether you are sprucing up, replanting, or starting from scratch, Sully’s has the lawn and garden equipment you need to get professional results.

Spring lawn care

The early part of the season is your opportunity to ensure a healthy, thick lawn by determining what your grass needs now for healthy growth. During your first mow, if you are noticing heavy thatch and thin spots where grass is struggling to grow, take care of these before grabbing your spreader to apply your spring fertilizer. Use a thatching machine to remove the buildup that can smother your grass and encourage diseases. If the soil seems compacted, you may also consider aerating before overseeding and fertilizing to fill in thin spots and encourage thick growth. Aerating allows water, air and nutrients to better reach the roots.

For a perfectly manicured lawn, follow up mowing with a lawn edger to create a clean edge along driveways, sidewalks, and patios. You may also consider a lawn roller to smooth out areas of your lawn that have become uneven due to snow melt and standing water.

Sully’s has what you need to finish all these tasks:

  • Thatchers
  • Aerators
  • Overseeders
  • Lawn Rollers
  • Mowers
  • Push Spreaders
  • Lawn Edgers


Flower and vegetable garden prep

Whether you are cleaning and preparing existing beds for spring growth or you are building new flower or vegetable gardens, get the job done efficiently with tools from Sully’s. Your existing beds may simply need to be cleared of leaves to make way for those sprouting perennials. After raking or blowing out debris, freshen garden edges with a bedmaster or bedscaper to create manicured edges and smooth curves that keep grass from encroaching.

For new gardens, be sure to use a tiller to break up dirt and clumps and to work in nutrient-rich additives, compost and sweet peat to create the best soil combination for whatever you are planting. If your new bed will be in a grass-covered area of your yard, you will want to use a sod cutter first to remove the grass. Consider using the sod pieces in other areas of your yard that need grass. If the grass is not too thick you may be able to use a weed trimmer to cut it short before turning over with a tiller.

For new gardens, don’t skimp on adding quality soil to give plants, shrubs and vegetables a good start and a healthy environment in which to grow. A wheelbarrow or dump trailer can be helpful for moving large amounts of new soil to your garden area. Clean up those edges and discourage weed and grass encroachment by using a bedmaster for a defined edge.

Sully’s has the tools you need to build and prepare your garden:

  • Bedmaster
  • Tiller
  • Dump Trailer
  • Sod Cutter
  • Weed Trimmer
  • Leaf Blower

At Sully’s Rental, we have everything you need to get busy creating a lawn and garden you can be proud of. Contact us today to rent all your lawn and garden tools and equipment.