February 8, 2021

Even a small dinner party deserves a unique and beautifully set table. Whatever the size of your next event or celebration, creative and elegant are the latest trends for dressing your table.

From showers to weddings to anniversary parties, hosts are starting with statement chairs and a bold color palette reflected in table linens and centerpieces. For a finishing touch, statement table settings, including plates, flatware, and glassware, have become the perfect complement.

Sully’s Party Rental has exactly what you need to follow this trend, with new inventory items that speak directly to the elegant, whimsical, and unique.

  • Trieste plates – White plates with elegantly scalloped edges trimmed in gold, these new plates are available in 7-inch and 10-inch diameters.
  • Gold capri flatware – This new addition to our flatware collection pairs perfectly with our gold-trimmed Trieste plates and will enhance any color palette. Order by the piece and get exactly what you need or provide a full 5-piece setting for each guest.
  • Pink water goblets – Colored goblets are the very latest trend for any dinner gathering. Our pink water goblets are stemmed and hold 11 ounces of any beverage. Add them to your Valentine’s Day list of must-haves!

These new selections from Sully’s Party Rental will complement any design, ambiance, or color palette and bring your unique flair to any dinner party. Contact our team today for details on rental options and for planning suggestions for your next event.

February 1, 2021

A scissor lift can be used anywhere you would need a ladder or scaffolding, but it provides the extra safety and convenience of an enclosed platform that can lift to your chosen working height multiple workers and equipment.

Sully’s scissor lifts are available in multiple sizes with working heights beginning at 19 feet for smaller models and extending to 38 feet for larger models. Platforms on our various models have different weight limits and extend for a larger surface that accommodates workers and equipment.

For both residential and commercial applications, scissor lifts provide the reach and stability that ladders and scaffolding cannot, whether you are pruning trees, repairing windows or siding, inspecting wiring, or painting. They also are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Call Sully’s for a full description of features and rental options.

January 5, 2021

As we enter a new year, one thing that has not changed is the pandemic continues to change everything, specifically, how newly engaged couples approach their wedding plans. At the forefront of these plans are the following concerns:

  • How can I ensure the safety of my family and friends at my wedding and reception?
  • Is help available to plan a different type of celebration that provides the atmosphere and elegance expected at a wedding?

Sully’s Party Rental has the answers to these questions as brides and grooms begin looking at options for wedding celebrations in 2021. The key is being flexible and willing to consider unconventional possibilities. Many venues may be booked with weddings that were postponed from last year, but Sully’s can help you get creative with your venue using everything from a local park to your backyard for your celebration.

Your outdoor wedding

Since care still must be taken even for small gatherings, an outdoor venue is an excellent choice for a wedding even in cooler weather. With help from the experts at Sully’s, even an unlikely outdoor location can be transformed into a beautiful wedding venue that is comfortable and protected from the elements.

  • Choose your tent – With pole and frame styles available, we’ve got you covered for both grass and pavement. Add sides in solid, mesh or with windows, and your guests are protected from any type of weather.
  • Event and dance flooring – Set up a dance floor or provide safe access over grass to a building, additional tents, or restroom facilities.
  • Heating and cooling options – For early spring or late fall weddings or celebrations in the middle of the summer, keeping your guests comfortable is easy with Sully’s tent heaters, cool air movers and generators.
  • Tables, chairs and linens – We can provide guidance on seating arrangements for round, rectangular or serpentine tables with comfortable seating and elegant linens, as well as classy Chiavari chairs for the ceremony.
  • Glassware, china, and bar service – We have everything you need for your champagne toast, dinner, desserts, and evening entertainment.
  • Lighting – Go beyond basic lighting and consider bistro lighting or LED lighting in colors that complete the atmosphere for your special day.

For any budget and any size guest list, Sully’s team is prepared to help you take advantage of any season and any location to create the perfect 2021 wedding. Contact us today to begin planning your unique celebration.

January 5, 2021

Getting outside continues to be important as Northeast Ohioans keep busy and safe moving into the new year. Propane heaters are ideal for keeping outdoor spaces comfortable for projects or for a safe gathering of neighbors seeking to escape cabin fever during these cold months.

At Sully’s, rent propane-electric heaters in 50,000 to 80,000 BTUs and 150,000 BTUs. Care should be taken to get an appropriate torpedo heater for your application. Our experts are always available to advise you.

Propane heaters are safe to operate in partially enclosed spaces, such as patios or decks, garages or pole barns. A thermostat allows these heaters to run automatically to keep your space at a steady temperature.

If you are using a torpedo heater for any activity, be sure to aim it away from people and objects and ensure ventilation is adequate in partially enclosed spaces. Call Sully’s today for more information about torpedo heater rental.


December 7, 2020

Whether you welcome immediate family or an array of friends to your holiday celebration, your linens and table settings will set the mood and complete the look of your dining space. That’s why Sully’s Party Rental offers a full range of options for linens, china and glassware.

You will likely spend several hours planning, shopping for, preparing, and serving your holiday meal. And while celebrations may be unusually small this year, you shouldn’t skimp on the festive extras that make any gathering a little brighter. Start with a color scheme, decide on the overall mood and let Sully’s provide everything you need.

Christmas linens

Sully’s offers a complete line of table linens in a wide variety of colors and shades as well as materials and textures. Ask us about holiday prints and patterns, or take your event a step above the standard red and green with sheer or lace linens, damask patterns, and metallic and iridescent options. Satin or velvet in holiday colors can create a truly elegant feel for your buffet or dessert table.

Table settings

Table settings, serving pieces, table runners and centerpieces are a significant part of your overall holiday presentation. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough matching pieces in your collection. Sully’s has everything you need for any size gathering.

Peruse our selection of china place settings and serving pieces for the perfect finish to your dining room table. No need to worry about utensils or glassware. We have everything you need, including flatware, serving items, stemware and bar glass.

Ask our experts about festive table runners and centerpieces that will complement your color scheme and linens and add to your festive atmosphere.

Your holiday plans may be different this year. Your gathering may be small and packaged with a zoom call in which extended family can still dine together virtually. Remember, your beautifully set dining room is the backdrop for those zoom celebrations throughout the day. Call Sully’s today for all your party needs.

December 7, 2020

If you are anticipating another typical Northeast Ohio winter, make snow removal easier with a skidsteer from Sully’s Tool Rental.

Skidsteer loaders are extremely maneuverable, turning within their own length and possessing excellent traction. This makes them ideal for snow removal from driveways, walkways, parking lots, and more. With the appropriate attachment, a skidsteer can make quick work of snow clearing in both open areas and tight, narrow spaces, with the ability to push snow out of the way or lift and load it for dumping elsewhere.

Your skidsteer rented from Sully’s Tool can be outfitted with the attachment that best suits your application. Contact us today for more information about a skidsteer in the style and size you need. Attachments include pushers, plow blades, buckets, and brooms.

November 11, 2020

Gathering even a medium sized group of family members inside your home for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners and gift giving may be risky this season. Gathering outdoors, however, may provide the safety you need to be able to spend some time with loved ones this holiday season.

Is a late fall or winter outdoor event possible in Northeast Ohio? Consider the possibility with a heated tent and some advanced prep. Sully’s Party Rental has what you need.

Choose your tent

Your tent should be large enough to accommodate your guests with some extra room so it is not crowded and it will be well ventilated. Decide on the best location for your tent – grass or pavement – considering weather conditions.

At Sully’s, easy to set up tents are available for your lawn or driveway. Sidewalls will be a must, and ours are available in solid panels or with windows. You choose your style and we can help with set up, including securely anchoring your walls top and bottom to keep out those cold gusts.

Choose your heater

The size of the heater you will need is based upon the size of your tent. Our staff can help you calculate your best options to keep your tent comfortable inside even if it is cold outside.

Sully’s heaters available for rent come in a full range of sizes up to 85,000 BTU. Heaters operate on propane or propane and electricity and are safe to run with proper ventilation. Whether you choose a larger heater or two smaller units, propane heat will keep your guests comfortable. Our team can also help with portable deck heaters that can provide additional radiant heat for your outdoor event. Ask our experts for guidance to be sure you have enough propane to fuel your event from start to finish.

What else you may need

You may want to consider a floor for your tent to protect from the cold radiating from the ground or to provide stability if you are placing your tent on grass. Sully’s has event decking that will provide the protection you need.

Don’t limit your invitations by your available seating or place settings. Sully’s can provide all the tables, chairs, china and linens you need for any size event.

If you are planning an outdoor event, Sully’s can help with all your tent and heating needs as fall and winter temperatures set in. Call today for estimates and guidance on how to best plan your event.

November 11, 2020

Keeping floors and carpeting clean is more important than ever as we move indoors for another cold Northeast Ohio winter. Sully’s Rental has what you need to keep your home, office, or event hall in top condition for any future gathering, large or small.

Our floor polisher is a 17” electric model with a pad speed of 175 RPM. Choose a black pad for cleaning and a white pad for polishing. A mesh screen also is available for sanding wood floors.

Our carpet cleaner is a Powr Flite model that includes a wand for hard to reach areas and steps. The unit has a 13 gallon recover tank and shampoo is sold separately.

Call today for details about rental and additional accessories for these units.

October 12, 2020

Autumn and winter tree work usually means chipping the remains for disposal or mulch or splitting wood for use in an outdoor or indoor fireplace. Either way, having the right equipment makes your work easier. Sully’s Tool Rental has chippers and log splitters appropriate for big jobs and small.

A few inches of wood chips can be the perfect insulator for plant roots weathering a cold winter, so turning those excess limbs into mulch should be a priority. Sully’s has wood chippers with a 7-inch capacity or a 12-inch capacity. Chippers run on either gas or diesel and renters should confirm towing hookups before arranging for pick-up.

Sully’s log splitter can handle vertical and horizontal splitting and log lengths up to 24 inches, creating perfectly sized firewood for indoor and outdoor use. This unit is towable with a 2-inch ball at 55 mph or less.

Contact us today for more information about renting wood chippers and log splitters for your fall and winter projects.

October 12, 2020

For events that are formal, casual and everything in between, Chiavari chairs are the answer for seating for your guests. Lightweight and versatile, they can enhance and complement any event and any atmosphere.

Chiavari chairs are named for the coastal town in the Italian riviera where the design originated. Despite the connection to Italy, however, the chairs are far better known for their use at upscale celebrity weddings and formal events such as the Oscars. Many brides today request the chairs, distinguished by bamboo-like legs and backs that look incredibly elegant with the addition of bows and sashes.

At Sully’s Party Rental, Chiavari chairs are available in mahogany wood or in gold or clear resin frames with seat cushions in black or ivory. They are extremely sturdy but present a small footprint, creating an elegant and roomy feel even in halls that are filled to capacity.

Whatever your color and design scheme, Sully’s Chiavari chairs will work for your look. Our mahogany chairs provide a rich warmth as well as the rustic feel that comes with solid wood. Gold framed chairs provide the sparkle and class you seek for a formal event, while our clear frames will perfectly pick up the color and lighting you have chosen. Both black and ivory cushions on the gold or clear chairs will enhance any atmosphere,

Add sashes to any Chiavari chair to complement any wedding color schemes, available in a full array of colors.

Whether your event is in a rustic barn or elegant banquet hall, for retirement parties to classy weddings, Chiavari chairs are the practical choice for their easy set-up and their ability to mix with the atmosphere you desire. They continue to be the most popular choice for today’s brides.

Call today for details on Chiavari chair rental from Sully’s.

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